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 Aug 04 2010


Posted by jaky2008.
Version 1.2 avaiable to download And Version 1.3 Pending Approval

 Jul 31 2010

22 Days...

Posted by jaky2008.
Its been 22 days since i uploaded Version 1.2, and you know what? it still isnt approved. Seriously the staff here should do their job

 Jul 29 2010

Finally some progress!

Posted by jaky2008.
A new picture has been uploaded, that means the staff of GTAGarage are finally approving my files!, so I assume very soon the files will be uploaded.

 Jul 05 2010

V 1.2 - Taking ages

Posted by jaky2008.
Version 1.2 is taking ages to upload, so ive uploaded Version 1.3 aswell to see if that goes any quicker. It is irritating to see it has been nearly, if not two weeks with no update. Version 1.2 contains Three Graffiti Artist Cash models - Twin cans, Triple cans and Quadruple cans, ShotGun-Spas Cash, Sawn-Off Cash, Keycard Cash and Two CCPD SWAT Outfits - With Helmet and Without Helmet

 Jun 30 2010

V 1.1

Posted by jaky2008.
Version 1.1 Now Available! It should be uploaded soon! Version 1.1 contains Two Cerburus models, LSPD Outfit and the default Cash
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