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 Feb 11 2015

Updated again

Posted by Chong McBong.
Feb 2015 - version 1.5 - added missing LOD model, so the car is now visible in the distance :)

 Nov 19 2014


Posted by Chong McBong.
finally updated - November 2014 - version 1.4 - moved from buffalo to banshee, some bugs fixed, better handling, and no more rolling over when cornering :)

 Jul 18 2011

Also available for rFactor

Posted by Chong McBong.
My Fiesta XR2 and Sierra RS500 Coshworth mods are now converted to rFactor, and can be downloaded here:

 Mar 18 2011

UPDATED to 1.0

Posted by Chong McBong.
Now updated to version 1.0, Beta testing has ended, and i have applied all new materials properties, so its not all dark inside, and now has better paint and glass... (thanks to MindF*ck for his help with materials settings) (3685 downloads of version 0.95, 540 downloads of version 0.9)

 Aug 15 2010

UPDATED - now smashable

Posted by Chong McBong.
540 downloads of version 0.9. now updated to 0.95 - includes damage and many bugs fixed. old file is now removed to save confusion. Please report any bugs on the linked GtaForums topic - see bottom right of this mod page...

 Jul 25 2010

New Pics Added!

Posted by Chong McBong.
I added 2 new pics to show how this is getting on. i still need to make the wheels smaller and fix a few bugs, a beta version really will appear soon.. i know i keep saying it, but that day is getting closer... so watch this space :)

 May 21 2010

Progress report

Posted by Chong McBong.
The sierra now has most of its exterior work done, the back end is a funny shape and needs some work, and the back spoiler (picnic table) needs finishing. I am now testing it in san andreas and setting up the handling and suspension. Lots more work to do, but a beta version will appear soon for you to test :) See my website for more pics and updates...

 May 06 2010

work continues

Posted by Chong McBong.
work continues on the sierra. I had been avoiding it for a while, but i am working on it again now. I just added a new pic showing a bit more detail.. More info and pics will be added here soon, and eventually a model for you to download :) see my website for more pics and updates...
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