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 Apr 25 2006

Version 0,.32 released

Posted by tonywob.
25th April 2006 - Version v0.32
* Fixed Deleting IPL File bug
* Added Support for rotating and moving multiple objects using IPL Selection control window
* Reduced step size on IPL Selection Window
* Fixed Maximize/Minimize bug in registry
* Fixed Hiding Of The Toolbar with toolbar context menu
* Fixed Hiding of the Sidebar with the viewing menu
* Changed Behaviour of Select All/Deselect All on visible files list to check which items are manually selected
* Prevented User from pasting/copying and adding items to IPL files not marked as visible, prevents confusing behaviour
* Reduced Sensitivity of Up/Down camera control
* Added topdown view button, allows you to easily find an object, select top down, right-click on area of map and select Centre on object

 Mar 28 2006

v0.31 Released

Posted by tonywob.
After a long delay, I have released a much needed update to MEd, list of changes below:

28th March 2006 - Version 0.31
* Allowed Window to Resize Vertically
* Save settings on exit, MouseSpeed, Sidebar, Statusbar, Toolbar, Window Size and Position
Other settings such as object mode are not saved.
* Undo and Redo buttons are only active when there is something to undo/redo.
* Added optimizations to object loading
* Moved various scene options to main menu
* Added a selection mode option which changes the behaviour of the mouse left click. When selected, the Alt key moves the camera as opposed to the object, reversing the default effect.
* Fixed new IPL file bug, should be able to create new IPL files without program crashing
* Increased floating point precision on text file ipl creation (More Accurate)

 Feb 01 2006

v0.30b now Available

Posted by tonywob.
Version 0.30 Beta is now available and includes multiple item selection support.

This feature is fairly new and needs testing, if you notice bugs, or have any suggestions then please post on the MEd Development thread on


* Added Multiple Item Selection Support (Hold down Shift whilst selecting, right-clicking)
* Double-clicking on an IPL in the Scene Tab will centre it on the map
* Better Memory Allocation/Deallocation
* Remove automatic centre on map when loading additional IPL files
* Fixed bug in Scene Tab
* Better Undo support (Upto 5 last actions)
* Added Redo Option

 Jan 11 2006

Version 0.22 Beta

Posted by tonywob.
Version 0.22b

* Options for hiding sidebar, statusbar and toolbar
* Extra key mappings for fullscreen mode
* Bug Fixes
* Moved IPLEditor into the sidebar, adding extra buttons for movement
* Add grid lines to selected item, to match new buttons in IPLEditor
* Better lighting on COL file renders
* Allowed File and ID to be changed in IPLEditor, added verification Icons
* Added LODBrowser for choosing LODS in San Andreas
* Changed Key mapping for "Space" to Centre on Object
* Support for changing the GTA installation whilst the program is running
* Added Duplicate Item button to context menu
* Added warning when system does not support hardware accelleration
* Added Wireframe mode for Collision File viewer

 Dec 21 2005

v0.21a Released

Posted by tonywob.
Version 0.21a - Changes
* Fixed Centre on Object
* Fixed New Item Placement
* Added Centre on Object to Context Menu
* COLL/COL3 Rendering Mode
* Basic Undo for Mapview (paste, delete or new item)
* Collision File Properties Window
* Fixed Rotation for separate GL Windows (DFFView, COLView and TXDView)
* Fixed Bug when adding new IMG Archive
* Added Bounding Spheres and Boxes to Item Selection
* Made Progress Bars show overall progress
* Added Error warnings when OpenGL context fails to be created.
* Small Interface Bug Fixes
* Adding New Items using the IPLTree will automatically centre the view

 Dec 14 2005

v0.20a Released

Posted by tonywob.
15th December 2005 - Version 0.20a
* Fixed major rendering bug with IPL reader (all objects in Vegasn.ipl, countrye.ipl now render correctly)
* Added information about graphics card extensions to help Window
* Fixed objects and textures disappearing when using the dffview, txdview and idebrowser.
* Speeded up DFF rendering slightly
* Added Image Archive Tool and ability to add custom objects into the game.
* Added IDE Parameter flags dialog and redesigned entire dialog.
* Tidied up Main Window, reducing clutter.
* Fixed multiple deletion for IPL and IDE Trees
* Ability to extract DFF and TXD straight from the map
* Ability to replace an item on the map using the context menu
* Added support for TXD.img for GTA III (Contains uncompressed Textures)
* Added Properties to Right-Click Object Menu
* IPL Dialog has been made smaller and less intrusive.
* Added Movement Speed Slider Option (Used to control how fast the shift key increases speed)
* Real Lighting for Objects without Textures
* Fullscreen Mode
* Updated all controls, multiple key presses now work.
* Moved Keyboard Help screen to the help menu

 Dec 07 2005

v0.12a released

Posted by tonywob.
* Updated IDEBrowser to allow the use of cursor (Faster Browsing)
* Forced stricter name checking on TXD Archives, to prevent duplicates
* Re-enabled Deletion (Still causes Random Crashes in game!)
* Navigation with the Arrow Keys as well as W,S,A,D
* Fine Tuning Moving for selected objects using Arrow Keys
* Sorting and Search for IDE Treeview
* Sorting and Search for IPL Treeview
* Adding Sorting and Search to Item Chooser
* Game Chooser interface changes and ability to remember last install
* Bookmark Tools (Remembers commonly used positions on the map) - Separate Config file from med.ini to allow distributing co-ordinates easier.
* Changed a couple of icon graphics and Intro Wizard
* Bug Fixes for adding objects to map
* Fixed a couple of rendering problems in San Andreas
* Stricter checking for Treeviews
* Adding New Object automatically centres on it
* Fixed texture viewer not displaying the generic texture dictionary file

Please note that deleting binary IPL instances is dangerous because it seems to mess up paths, only delete objects that you know are safe, e.g. Deleting roads and houses causes the game to crash, but deleting trees is okay. If you want to disable Binary IPL editing, then I suggest you set the read-only attribute on your gta3.img file.

Hope you all enjoy it smile.gif

 Dec 05 2005

v0.11a Released

Posted by tonywob.
Version v0.11a has now been released and includes many bug fixes, binary IPL editing and a new game chooser. Please read the readme before using this application
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