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 Nov 28 2005

Door glitch addressed~

Posted by Illp..
As it turns out, it is a glitch in the game itself... I guess rockstar missed this little detail. I never even noticed before... you will have to use Delphis' COL I/O to switch the assignments on the doors... seems both sides are assigned to the left. If you are having no problems, no worries... game on!

Thanks to Daalyman, Rich and Oleg for their help and patience on this.

 Nov 25 2005


Posted by Illp..
I'm still working on fixing the door glitch (you hit left it damages left, you hit right it damages left). Soon~

 Nov 23 2005


Posted by Illp..
The file includes DMagic1s' wheel mod, it's the auto install and not that crap VCMM install.
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