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Active Barriers Mod
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Author: Raxp No Screenshots Available Yet
Website: http://
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 20 Mar 2013
Last Updated: 20 Mar 2013
Views: 10027
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.3 (10 votes)
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Active Barriers mod for GTA: Vice City
This mod will make some barriers working in airport area. It will also add new barriers. AUTHORS: SaveliM raxp WHAT DO YOU NEED: - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (obviously) - CLEO for Vice City (you can find it on offical site - - IMGTool 2.0 ( - Collision File Editor II ( HOW TO INSTALL: 1) Do not forget to backup original files 2) Replace "data" folder in Vice City folder to "data" folder from archive NOTE: If you have any of map mods in your game, edit IPL's manually, instead of replacing "data". See (*) 3) Replace smashbar.dff in gta3.img to smashbar.dff from archive (Use IMGTool or any other utility for GTA IMG archives) 4) Replace smashbar.col in models\coll\generic.col to smashbar.col from archive (Use Collision File Editor II) 5) Place gate.cs into CLEO folder That's it! Have fun! (*) HOW TO EDIT IPL MANUALLY 1) Open data\maps\airport\airport.ipl in notepad. Find and delete this lines: 379, smashbar, 0, -1188.150635, -948.133667, 15.10864925, 0.9999998808, 0.9999998808, 1, 0, 0, -1, 0 379, smashbar, 0, -1187.44873, -938.1304932, 15.10864925, 1, 1, 1, -1, 0, 6.339492131e-008, 0 2) Open data\maps\airportN\airportN.ipl in notepad. Find and delete this line: 379, smashbar, 0, -1721.863647, -293.0015869, 15.10864925, 1, 1, 1, -0.7071067691, -0.7071067691, 4.482698301e-008, 4.482698301e-008 QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, suggestions or wishes (or you just want to contact us) - mail to [email protected]
critonlink12 commented over 4 years ago:
For all the people who are using ORG Patch, replace smashbar.dff in org.img and not in the gta3.img.
JACK JONES commented over 5 years ago:
Looks great. But I prefer breaking the barrier in Rambo style :lol: .
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