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 Jan 13 2010

14/01/2010 GTA VC Ver1 Available

Posted by Jack Reacher.
I finally got around to doing this in my collection of GTA Starter saves for the PS2, hope you enjoy, i may add to it and get max money if people DL it

 Oct 21 2009

21/10/09 Ver 2.1 Available

Posted by Jack Reacher.
Ok finally i got the meat of the save done for GTA SA The differences between this and the trial save are Michelle 100%, Street Racer Outfit, Michelles Proofed car, All Snapshots, All tags, All horseshoes, Max respect, Max Muscle, Hitman Pistol, Combat sotgun and AK ( all weapons maxed) Full gambling, 13.37% progress, Hotknife Stored, Tourismo Stored, However the Proofed Romero, Bandito and Ranger have been lost, I will upload a new version 2.2 when i get around to it to add them and some new cars such as the Euros and Pheonix
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