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PS3 only
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Author: Jack Reacher
Works with: GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: PS2
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 11 Oct 2009
Last Updated: 13 Jan 2010
Views: 15387
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.2 (5 votes)
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First mission and Grove st audio untouched
Basically all missions are there for you to do without side missions, ultimate starter template

Vigilante done
Ambulance missions done
Firefighter done
Pimping done
Taxi done
Burglary done
All Oysters, tags, snapshots and horseshoes
Sf courier done
LS courier done
LV courier done
BMX, NRG and Chiliad Challenge done
Stadium events done
All property bought

No cheats, deaths, busts or any kind of mod used ( strange for a mod site)
Michelle 100%, Katie 40%, Barbara 45% ( basically street racer outfit)
Hitman all guns
Half respect
Full stamina
Full muscle
Full biking skill
Full cycling skill
Full gambling skill

Garrages: All vehicles arent avaiable in LS
Johnson House: Patriot and Hotknife
Mulholland: Seasparrow, Bullet, Tourismo and Sandking
Beach house:
El corona: Fully proofed Monster truck ( the GFs cars)

Impound Lot LS: Police Maverik, Leviathan and Raindance

Completed version will have

Fully proofed Ranger and Romero returned ( garrage ate them)
Bandito, Euros and Pheonix
Max money
69/70 Unique jumps

Possible goals

KOSA ( King Of San Andreas)
Rustler in Doherty


All hidden packages collected
All rampages passed
All unique stunt jumps but the impossible one on G Spotlight done
All RC races completed
Vigilante missions completed
Paramedic missions completed
Firefighter missions completed
Pizza boy missions completed
Taxi missions completed
All property bought
Cone Crazy completed
All 3 stadium events completed
44% complete without starting any missions

Lots of ammo for the M60 ( the powerful machine gun)
Max ammo for the Spaz shotgun
Hunter/Ryhno/Patriot in Hyman condo garrage
Black Sanchez and bloodring racer in Hyman condo garrage
FBI Washington in a garage near the North Point Mall
Kens White Admiral stored in a garage ( different from Diaz's Admiral)

Possible goals for 1.2
Max money using Cone Crazy exploit

Note: If you are to come across a mission that will swap the spaz shotgun or other weapon where i have accumlated a lot of ammo for, store it at the gold club or Airport security zone first and then retrieve them once it is over
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Michael.Knight1 commented over 6 years ago:
Oh man this Mod has been stolen This idiot put her name unexpectedly h :lol: :lol: GTA San Andreas PTMG PS2 But I did not expect to easily steal the MOD ??
MyHair commented over 7 years ago:
Wow. I was thinking of playing through san andreas on the PS2 again, and with this save file it will be much more fun. :) Geat work :D
Jack Reacher commented over 7 years ago:
I might get back into this and get Orion to help me make it for PS2 so you can use an action replay. Thanks Nuka, didnt know about the tank, I used the packer to get the FBI washington over a while ago and never thought to try it with a tank. I thought of the ramapge ammo glitch too late, I was able to max out the best shotgun and the Colt, but was too late to max out the M60 as I had already done a few ramapges. I forgot to add that all weapons are stored at the golf clup Im thinking of adding, if you dont like starting with max ammo, try beat my record on Crazy Cone, you will earn negative money and you will start with $0 again, making asset collection more fun
_ganxta_ commented over 7 years ago:
hey man can you make for ps2
Nukey Shay commented over 7 years ago:
BTW another suggestion is to use the leftover garage space at Hyman (aside from a Hunter) to store the vehicles for Sunshine Auto's lists that have no set spawn point... so that asset can be completed quickly upon purchase :-) Maxing out ammo for weapons and storing a maxed-out second selection at the airport's metal detector is also good for a starter save. The rampage doubling glitch really comes in handy to do this with ones that have low spawn quantities (molotovs, rockets, etc).
Nukey Shay commented over 7 years ago:
Suggestion: In Vice City, you can bring vehicles from the West island to the East by using a Packer to jump the bridge railing next to the film studio. It's tricky to avoid getting stuck in the water alongside the bridge, but it can be done. You can even store a non-cheat Rhino in the Southernmost garage by doing this (tho it needs to be pushed out to use).
Jack Reacher commented over 7 years ago:
Look at the screenshots, I keep it on the roof of the garage with two other cars. When the garage door closes they disapear and are saved, a trick i learnt from zoom
MultiKoopa commented over 7 years ago:
Hey. I noticed in your San Andreas save that you have 3 cars and a helicopter saved in Mulholland. The garage only holds 1 car... I know you can force the garages to hold more, but there's no way you can hold 3 cars AND a helicopter in the garage, so... where exactly are you keeping the helicopter?
Jack Reacher commented over 7 years ago:
You realise this is for the PS3 right? To install it click on the version you want to download, I recommend the latest as it is the same as the trial version but has better stuff, and download it to your memor/flas drive thingy. Then put that in your PS3 and upload that to your virtual PS2 memory card in your PS3 and you should be good to go
cena44 commented over 7 years ago:
how do i install the savegame?
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14/01/2010 GTA VC Ver1 Available
I finally got around to doing this in my collection of GTA Starter saves for the PS2, hope you enjoy, i may add to it and get max money if people DL it

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