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 Oct 12 2014

Version 1.03 released!

Posted by Silent.
A year later, GInput 1.03 is out! It includes lots of fixes and new features, so make sure you grab it as soon as possible and check the ReadMe for the lengthy list of changes!

 Aug 25 2013

GInput 1.02 released!

Posted by SilentPL.
A new version of GInput has been released! It's the first version for GTA III, for VC, the script has been reworked a bit (so III and VC versions are now exactly the same). For full changelog, refer to ReadMe file.

 Jul 22 2013

GInputVC 1.01 released!

Posted by SilentPL.
The new GInputVC version has been released! It's an extremely minor update, it fixes a crash with Steam Vice City and fixes a possible minor save corruption which could occur if user saved the game with GInputVC and then stopped using the modification. Enjoy!

 Jul 16 2013

Vice City version up!

Posted by SilentPL.
So, GInput for Vice City is now released! Enjoy!
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