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Posted on 25 Mar 2007, 4:31pm

Joined: 09 Feb 2007
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hi, i installed it like you told me to do in the readme but still the game crashes if it loads a save game or a new game.

what do i do wrong?

Posted on 28 Apr 2007, 3:22pm

Joined: 23 Mar 2007
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Could be this, you have GTA:SA V2.O, search on google GTA:SA Downgrader, download this and should solve your problem

Posted on 27 Aug 2007, 6:52pm

Joined: 09 Oct 2006
Group: Modders

Man, i have GTA SA 1.0 and my game crashes...

Posted on 11 Sep 2008, 4:35am

Joined: 05 Sep 2008
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i guess its something in the data folder because i play before replacing the files in data folder and the game worked fine

Posted on 02 Aug 2009, 3:19pm

Joined: 28 Oct 2007
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Oh man... Same here... Crash when loading a new game...

Posted on 04 Dec 2011, 5:47am

Joined: 03 Dec 2011
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Just like a please help... :/

Posted on 15 Jul 2012, 11:16am

Joined: 07 Jul 2012
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MY game crashes but thank god i had back up all my necessary folders if i had not backed up my important folders his f*cking MOD would have ruined my DOLLARS :devil: :devil: :devil: :die: you insane idiot no one call you a MODDER :sneaky: :devil: Regards: Hasher Hassan. Moral : People Back up your files before even possibly thinking of modding GTA San Andreas.

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