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Fallout West Coast
War Never Changes
Information Files
Author: YoYoMan2
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.7
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 09 Dec 2009
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2010
Views: 32427
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.3125 (16 votes)
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V1.7 Is Now Out

Originally called "Fallout New Venturas" and yes thats my name, i know someone else has that name, but it was mine first.

War Never Changes, especially in the world of Fallout.
Mod's New Name: Fallout: West Coast This Mod is Back in Action! Fallout New Vegas is out, i got over 50 hours playing, and i know whats what now! plus, ive played Fallout 1 + 2! This will be MUCH better than before. I Am going to make this good! It will include locations from Fallout, Fallout 2, and New Vegas, with possible umm... Things relating to Fallout 3. Maps Include: Sherman Dam: Hoover Dam(what i call Battle Version with barricade things everywhere) Area 69/51: Vault 13 Junktown: will be created somewhere in Las Venturas/Bone County. Las Venturas: New Vegas (Strip + Freeside) Casinos = 4 Dragons = Gomorrah The Visage = Ultra-Luxe Caligula's Palace = Lucky 38 (i know nothing like it, not much to work with... ) The High Roller's Casino = Tops Casino thats what it is incase you didnt know The Fort (maybe) Aldea Malvada: Shady Sands Los Santos: The Boneyard San Fiero: San Fransisco Factions and People/Monsters: Brotherhood of Steel Enclave NCR (maybe) Caesar's Legion (maybe) The Kings Super Mutants Ghouls Khans Gun Runners (inside ammunation/now gunrunners) Powder Gangers (maybe) Weapons: Hopefully these will be added, no garantees! Assault Rifle (G3-replaces M4) Chinese Assault Rifle (New AK47-replaces AK47) Desert Eagle (just new skin) 9mm Pistol (Basic Pistol-replaces colt45) Combat Knife (KA-BAR Knife-replaces knife) 9-iron (Golf Club-just new texture) Saw-Off (new texture-maybe) Brass Knuckles (new texture) BB Gun (Red Ryder BB Gun-replaces Country Rifle) Other Stuff For You To Know: AmmuNation = GunRunners Will Add playable Vault 13 Jumpsuit New Water Texture (dirty) ... more random stuff will probably be added!
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