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New SA-styled Gang Members
Modifying GTASA peds
Information Files
Author: TigerTanker
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Beta 0.5
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 24 Aug 2009
Last Updated: 25 Aug 2009
Views: 42323
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.14286 (14 votes)
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Hi there,
I've decided to make a little mod what changes the gang members in Los Santos, after I'm done, I may do some more. This mod contains changed Grove Street Families, changed Ballas, changed Vagos and changed Aztecas. There will be 5 Grove, 5 Ballas, 4 Aztecas and 4 Vagos members. There will be new gang cars, and some cleos too.
My friend, TXDEditor is working on a deluxe version what has new textures for the peds, and there's going to be a Grove To Crips and Ballas To Bloods version too. For now, I'm releasing the first beta what contains 5 new Grove Street gang members with changed .dat files what makes you have 5 homies in your gang.
Installing the peds:
-Use an IMG Editor program like IMG TOOL 2.0 or Alci's IMG Editor.
Open the GTA3.img with it, and replace fam1.txd and .dff with the original files in the img, do the same with fam2, fam3. After that, add fam4.txd and fam5.txd to your gta3.img.
Installing the .dat files
-Just copy the data folder from the .rar to your GTA San Andreas folder.
-Enjoy and Have Fun!
TigerTanker commented over 7 years ago:
If you think that'd be better, I guess I could make a version that adds them instead of replacing others. Thanks for replying by the way :)
dbz_master_SA_4life commented over 7 years ago:
yo could you make another mod like beta gang s like 8 grove street beacause 3 orignals , fat guy with hoodie , 2 homies from los sepulcros , and the the guy with white vest and green tankt top , and the same one with bandana , and 6 ballas 3 orignals , fat guy tih bandana and head bandana , skinny guy with glasses and striped shirt , and guy with necklac with white shirt and purple tanks and 6 varrios los aztecas , 3 orignals , and the other 3 from san andreas beta ped pack in gta garage search it up and take plus make some beta gangs like triads or da nang boys but dont replace make them join with orginals
betaplayer commented over 7 years ago:
when you gonna release the new styled ballas ?
TigerTanker commented over 8 years ago:
@Aizec: Try deleting the homie models and textures and simply add my ones then.
Aizec commented over 8 years ago:
is work but my homies are white!O_O :(
TigerTanker commented over 8 years ago:
Yeah, I'm planning to, but I'm taking a break with this project for now. I'll continue it at December, probaly.
niko_sss commented over 8 years ago:
I like them, its nice that you used original game parts, and made them look like 90's gang members P.S: I heard you planning to do some ballass, cant wait :D
Fran_Thug commented over 8 years ago:
looks cool :colgate:
TigerTanker commented over 8 years ago:
UPDATE! New gang cars for Rifa, Grove, Ballas, Vagos and Aztecas. Grove has Remington, Voodoo, Savanna. Ballas has Tahoma, Majestic, Blade Vagos has Sabre, Tornado, Esperanto Aztecas has Burrito, Broadway, Virgo Rifa has Greenwood, Stallion, Solair. I've changed the gang weapons for the LS gangs. Grove has Shotgun, Uzi, Bat Ballas has Ak47, Tec9, Brass Knuckles Vagos has Ak47, Pistol, Knife. Aztecas has MP5, Uzi, Bat. But for the gang weapons, you need cleo3 installed. And I'm going to upload new pics, and pictures of TxdEditor's new textures too. Fixes pack with gang car change, weapon change, and with TxdEditor's deluxe texture pack is awaiting approval.
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