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Realistic Explosions & Weapons
Actually Realistic Explosions, Weapons, Force & Damage
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Author: kman420 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 29 Jun 2009
Last Updated: 29 Jun 2009
Views: 27700
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.35715 (14 votes)
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Actually Realistic Explosions, Weapons, Force & Damage

By Kman420

- after trying all the other "realistic weapon/explosion mods" i wanted something that was "actually" realistic feeling, so i made this...



-explosion forces balanced, about the farthest a grenade will send you flying is 10 feet high, 15 feet far. cars, 15 feet high, 25 feet far. rockets 20 feet high, 40 feet far, and so on. trucks send you farther than cars, planes are farther, petrol pumps will send you flying! This has been tweaked over and over for balance, realism and fun. youll still send people flying if you chain explosions togehter, ie: rocket a car, but a single grenade or car wont send you 100 feet anymore

-no flames from frag grenades unlike other "unrealistic" mods

-2x the flames for molotovs, and a bigger radius, will now kill most people in one hit after burning to death, now there actually usefull and as deadly as grenades

-more flames for most explosions, cars have a bit more, planes have alot of fire, like they should, Petrol pumps have tons of fire and boats have a chance to spawn little or none upon exploding, ( gas "will" burn on the surface of water, dont try this at home just trust me!)

-Explosion sizes tweaked (visual effect size), only slightly, grendaes and rockets were about right, they remain the same size.- molotovs 20 % bigger, - cars 10 % bigger, - trucks and boats 15 % bigger, - planes 20 % bigger,
- Petrol Pump 25 % bigger. These have been done over and over to get the most realistic look, will still keeping the crisp resolution of the original explosions; genades and rockets look sh*ttty (blocky) any bigger!

-Most Explosions are now brighter when they explode, more on par with the original rockets light effect, petrol pumps will light up the night!

-Kill Radius's Changed, grenades slighty smaller 10-15% (barely noticable, but still less UBER) about a 15 foot kill radius, molotov radius 20% bigger ( about a ten foot kill radius, and i do mean kill. see above) Cars are about 10 % bigger, boats 10 % bigger than cars, trucks 10 % bigger than boats, planes are 10 % bigger than trucks giving them the farthes kill radius about 20 % bigger than a rocket, and 30 % bigger than cars, so beware falling helicopters, just like in earlier GTA games ;) petrol pumps reach just bit farther than a rocket now. insted of as small as a grenade :(

-Camera Shakes a bit more from explosions, only about 10-20%, petrol pumps 50 % more, and hydrants will shake the camera a bit when hit

-Hydrants wont push with 5 tons of force, they shouldnt lift any car off the ground DUH! theyll still knock you down if your on foot though.

-Petrol Pumps are What the should be, the deadliest thing in the game :) with lots of fire!


-Physical forces tweaked and balanced, Barely but looks more realistic

-all guns have spread to them, pistols are still "almost" dead on, less than 1 foot spread at 200 feet. Smg's spread about 2 - 2.5 feet at 200 feet away. and Assault rifles spread about 1.5 - 2 feet at 200 feet away, this may seem like youll never get head shots but its still just as easy. the spread gets worse the longer you hold the trigger and the above numbers are approximatley the MAXIMUM spread the gun will reach, and of course crouching will bring the spread down about 30 %. so in other words even with a SMG at 100 feet and standing the spread for the firts couple shots will be almost nothing getting worse the longer you hold the trigger, so just like in real life and most games, you should fire in bursts and crouch whenever possable. So basicaly pistols, being shot one bullet at a time will still be 100% accurate, unless you hold the trigger down, but thats called recoil :) Of course this is true with all the guns if you shoot single shots.

-Both Shotguns spread about 3 feet every 100 feet ( as upposed to 12 )and there range has been trippled, damage down about 30 %, but since damage is calculated by how many pellets actually hit you it feels about the same compared to original, So the shotgun in the cops hands will kill you just as fast if your less than 40 feet away but doesnt do much after 80 feet or so, and you can hit people with it now a 150 feet away, but barely hurt them. BASICALY it looks way more real and feels way more balanced than original.

-Weapon Range Increased, if you can see it, you can probably hit it. About 4000 feet for Sniper rifles, 3000 feet for Assault rifles , 2500 feet for SMG's, 2000 feet for pistols, and 750 for shotguns, but only one pellet will probably hit you, if that.

-Melee Weapon Damage increased, fists are the same, poolcue is 33% stronger, knife is 66% stronger, baseball bat is 100% stronger, in game it doesnt make a huge difference, except you wont have to stab someone 15 times to kill him and a well placed Power Swing of a bat can kill a man in one shot ( rare, but i have seen it in game)

-Weapon Advantages / Ammo Changes; weapons are more balanced to give reason to useing a different gun of the same type..
Weapon	 Spread Damage Clip-size Max-Ammo

pistol 0.45 25 -no change 16 750 + 16

Deagle 0.75 40 -no change 10 750 + 10

Cop-Shotgun 2.0* 15* 8 250 + 8

Auto-Shoty 2.0* 10* 8 250 + 8

Micro Uzi 2.25 20 -no change 50 1500 + 50

MP5 1.75 22 - 10% more 40 1500 + 40

AK-47 	 2.0 33 - 10% more 30 1000 + 30	

M4 1.5 30 -no change 30 1000 + 30

SniperRifle 0.0 40 - 33% more 10 250 + 10

M40a1 Rifle 0.0 35 +Ignores Armor 5 250 + 5

* shotgun spread and damage explained above

-You can now carry a maximum of 20 Rockets and 30 grenades or molotovs.
( Not so realistic but Funner, Besides id like to see any one pack 8 rockets and 25 grenades in there pocket anyways, some stuff just needs to be fun and 8 rockets just wasnt enough ;)

-Also Rockets wont "bounce" and "slide" off objects nearly as much. And before some one says I stole this from another mod, I figured this out on my own along time ago.

-And finaly, thrown objects like bricks will actualy hurt people, knock them right over and eventualy even kill them.

Thats it! basically guns feel real and exlosions are mostly bigger and deadlier with better effects, but all done to keep the same feel and balance as the original game( way more balanced in my opinion ), nothings overdone, no cartoon like physics from explosions, grenades sending people into space, unless of course you shoot a gas pump from 2 feet away with a rocket, go ahead, I dare you, if only i could add gibs...


-This mod works with Patch version 1.4 withought any modding tools, just BACKUP then REPLACE the original files in these two folders...

-C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\common\data\effects\

-C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\common\data

*if you only want the explosion changes only replace the explosionFx.dat file, and same thing if you only want the weapon changes only replace the Weaponinfo.xml file. in the corrosponding folders , weapons in data folder and explosions in effects folder.

If you do have any problems running mods with any version of patch i suggest using ( Aru's File modding patch for gta IV ), read instructions then just run the file, this helped me get some other mods working that didnt work after the 1.4 Patch.


- feel free to use this as you wish, but if you use it in a mod that you release please give credit were it is do.
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