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Oceanic Police
Updated - v1.1 - Also in MVL Format
Information Files
Author: ALMOST610
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 21 Mar 2009
Last Updated: 29 Jul 2013
Views: 36219
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.375 (8 votes)
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Oceanic Police
Well this basically is what it is, an Oceanic Police Cruiser, I have recently updated it to have a whole bunch of VCPD Decals all over it and a new Light Bar which is a slightly modified version of the Old One, I have also left the Version 1.0 download online if people do not like the new version or if the new one is still awaiting approval, also Check out the MVL Version which will add this as a second Police Car to operate alongside the existing Vice City Police one.
To install this vehicle you will need an IMG Tool and Notepad or can use this alternative GGMM Click here for a Tutorial of how to install a car if you are having trouble.
MVL Version
This mod requires you to have Maxo's Vehicle Loader (v0.98b or Later) With the MVL Version this vehicle will actually spawn in Traffic as a Police Vehicle alongside the Normal VC Police Cruiser, it will also chase you alongside the Normal VC Police Cruiser if you have a Wanted Level.
Installation (MVL Version)
Once MVL 0.98b is installed just UnRAR the File and place "Oceanic Cop.7z" in the "Vehicles" Folder. Voila, it's done. If there is no MVL Format Download yet, that is due to it awaiting Approval from the Site Admins/Mods Alternate Download @ Credits to R* for the Oceanic & Maxorator for MVL. GTA VC - CAR - 01 (c) Copyright ALMOST610 Design 2013
commented over 4 years ago:
:bored: Hey Almost, Fix Texture of V2, She is Ugly ... Ugly than Vice city's Style Texture.
ToyGT_one commented over 4 years ago:
nice, i saw some pictures that you post in gtaforums, nice touches for the cop car.
Mr.tree6Mafia commented over 6 years ago:
this looks just like the police car from BTTF hill valley v0.2e. :cool:
Bondergomme commented over 6 years ago:
can you make it for mvl
ALMOST610 commented over 9 years ago:
Version 1.0 is released so go ahead and download
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