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100% Saved Games
SA: V5 Comming Soon!
Information Files
Author: matanyehoshua1
Works with: GTAIII GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas GTA IV 
Release/Version: Many
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 30 Aug 2008
Last Updated: 14 Mar 2010
Views: 52863
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.91667 (12 votes)
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Please Read the Readme.txt OR IT Wont Work!. This Mod Description Goes By The GTA Order (GTA: III [3], VC, SA, IV [4]). GTA NEWS: GTA III: NONE GTA VC: NONE GTA SA: V5 COMMING SOON! GTA IV: DEAD NO SYSTEM IS GOING TO COME ;(
GTA III (3):
Current Version: BETA 2 Made this on the Normal Game Script (Original) The Save is much more done for now there is a beta download if you want to see how far i progressed.
GTA VC (Vice City):
Current Version: BETA 2 the savefile is only much more done for now once I will finish full version will be uploaded
GTA SA (San Andreas):
Current Version: V4.4 Soon to come: V5 in the same script this time made with no mods used. Made this on A Modified Script (Spaceinistien's All In One Mod V3.0). Things In Latest Complete Version (V4.4):
  • 100% Completed.
  • You Start At 21:00 (9 PM).
  • Full Health and Armour.
  • All Cloths Bought.
  • New Cloths.
  • Different Gang Guns (listed in Readme).
  • All SA belonges to GSF (Exept Other Gangs Like Aztecaz, Triads, Mafia and all) (not including: Red County, Flint County, Whetstone, Bone county).
  • All The Strongest Guns Ingame.
  • NO Busted/Wasted.
  • Full Money ($999999999).
  • All Stats To MAX.
  • All Propertys Purchased.
  • NO Cheats Ever Used.
  • 'King Of San Andreas' Written In 'Stats' In The Pause Menu, And In The Stats.html Thats Included.
  • NO Wanted Level System.
  • Start At CJ's Mom House.
  • Best Mods Active In Mod Shop
  • FULL Muscle.
  • Color Shop Never Used.
  • thekokss Mods Has Been Added.
  • Fixed Errors In The Readme File.
  • Mods Has Been Updated. (UPDATED)
  • Space's Mod Readme (NEW)
Known BUGS:
  1. V1 and V2 are too buggy to list them in here.
  2. V3 - Gangs Attacking Cops For No Reason.
  3. V4.3 - Gun Temperature Cause The Cops To Attack For No Reason.
  • Perkinator7168 (For Suggestions)
  • Daniel Asayag (Thanks Cousin I Couldn't Do It Without Your Idea)
  • Ian Albert (Detailed Radar Mod A True Great Way To Work On The Radar)
  • voodoo48 (Awesome Gang Weapon Change Tool)
  • seeman (For The CLEO Library)
  • thekokss (For Cleo Mods That Are In The Savefiles)
  • And ofcourse Spaceinistien For creating such a Great mod Also thanks for anyone that download and enjoys it
GTA IV (4):
Current Version: BETA 1.1 WORK ONLY ON V1 (Patches f*cked my game badly) 25.25% done Brucie and little jacob contacts have been done Progress isn't gonna advance anymore... Once I Will Get A better system I will Complete the save.
Comments News
matanyehoshua1 commented over 3 years ago:
 QUOTE (sissygrlshaky @ 03:39, 29 Mar 2013)
GTA San Andreas just crashes despite adding the script and txt files in
you also need to add the data files, read the readme.txt please.
sissygrlshaky commented over 5 years ago:
GTA San Andreas just crashes despite adding the script and txt files in
sissygrlshaky commented over 5 years ago:
GTA San Andreas just crashes despite adding the script and txt files in
GTAMAN23 commented over 6 years ago:
In there was in the other citys also territories for grove street.How has he do that? :r*: :monocle: :bbq:
lol232 commented over 7 years ago:
Awsome :D :cool:
matanyehoshua1 commented over 8 years ago:
U MUST READ THE README.txt ! :furious: the install is easy just read how to do it and it won't crash
newyork_maniac commented over 8 years ago:
:cry: it keeps crashing and is it doesn't crash then it starts a new game...
newyork_maniac commented over 8 years ago:
do i need to download the spaceinistien mod in order for this to work?
animeleh2 commented over 8 years ago:
i like you mods! :colgate:
matanyehoshua1 commented over 8 years ago:
New Version Released more stuff added ;)
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Im sorry but unfortunatly no new updates going to come as i have abandoned all gta saves i have made im truly sory for anyone who had wait maybe ill resume project in the future i dunno... for now its delayed

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