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GTA 3 - VC Cars In Action
New missions, new cars, new stuffs and a lot more!
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Author: Maru89
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Works with: GTAIII 
Status: Complete
Started on: 15 Apr 2017
Last Updated: 17 Apr 2017
Views: 504
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 2.5 (0 votes)
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First of all, this mod requires CLEO library for GTA 3, which can be found here.

"GTA 3 - VC cars in action" might be considered as the extended version of my old "GTA 3 - Beta cars in action" mod. Instead of beta GTA 3 cars it adds some VC cars to the game, but that's not the end, there's a lot more.

Some major changes:

- new cars added (not replaced) to your game,
- new missions, there are 110 of them now,
- a little upgrades in basic GTA 3 missions,
- every car will be parked at least once somewhere in Liberty,
- new peds will appear around the city,
- Leone Family's members will spawn in Trenton (not as often as in Saint Mark's and only on foot),
- both gates to the backlot of the Staunton LCPD station will now open for Police car, Enforcer and FBI car,
- the Ghost will be docked somewhere in Liberty,
- all cars added to traffic,
- new ability: regeneration, it will be available after completing the Paramedic side-mission,
- new prize from the Yakuza: two of their members will stay at your side to help you in fight,
- all unused music loops will appear around the Liberty,
- Enforcers will spawn on the streets around police stations,
- Toyz rampages for every gang in Liberty,
- the Dodo and unique stunt jumps glitch has been fixed, also one will not be able to do the unique stunt jumps with the Dodo,
- the subtitles for King Courtney's missions has been fixed,
- Marty Chonks will send you a message on the pager, he will also have a blip on the radar,
- Donald Love will send you a message on the pager (for some reason it still exists in the game, but is unused),
- after completing the payphone missions you won't be able to redo them over and over again,
- after 'Grand Theft Aero' mission Yakuza Stingers will spawn in Fort Staunton area,
- after 'The Exchange' gangs won't attack you anymore.

New missions mean there must be new employers to work for. That includes:

- an old tramp(?) named Darkel,
- Curtly, the owner of the Supa Save!,
- Chunky Lee Chong (before his death of course),
- Mike Forelli (same as above),
- The Yakuza Kanbu (if you take him out of the prison),
- Toyz'n The Hood company,
- some movie crew without the stuntman,
- and even Sam Houser himself!

I did beta tests with GTA 3 version 1.1, finished the 100% of the mod and no random crashes or weird bugs appeared.

Installing this mod is as easy as pie, just replace all files, delete your txd.dir and txd.img from your gta3/models folder and that's it. Just enjoy!

BEGINit - ped models,
ermaccer - Sabre Turbo model,
Jeansowaty - ped models,
Maru89 - Baggage Handler & Golf Caddy models,
X2X123 - Beta Police car and Beta Enforcer models,
//XP// - Curtly's model,
YochiThMaster333 - Blista Compact, Regina, Sabre & Washington models.
All models used with permission!

ZAZ - for the help with the Sanny Builder scripts.

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