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Gran Turismo 4 - San Andreas
The Real Driving Simulator Project
Information Files
Author: Astelin
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v0.1a
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 20 Feb 2014
Last Updated: 26 Feb 2014
Views: 9062
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (4 votes)
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What is this mod?
Boy, There has never been a full Gran Turismo mod for SA. Im going to release it. I will be combining mods, Creating scripts and making a lot of new vehicles. I am currently looking for scripters, Mappers and CLEO scripters. I am looking for suggestions on what you think should be added, But add them in the description below. If you want to become a mod worker with me and have full experience, You can contact me via email, Which I will add here soon.
Preview Trailer
Beta Trailer
Coming Soon!
Release Trailer
Coming soon!
This is very simple, It will start off being and every major update it will level up, Example: v0.1a updates to v0.2a. Once it gets to v1.0a I will release the mod. Once every month it will most likely level up once. This mod will most likely come out next year, I need to hire some people. Once it gets to v9.9a It will level up once more and turn into v0.1b, This will Probably keep going for updates for years to come. I plan to stop updating and scripting this mod in 2018.
Alpha testers
You want this mod so bad huh? When we get to v0.3a I will release an alpha version ready for most of you people to test. It wont have much, Just a few hours of gameplay, The reason for this is, We haven't finished the mod and you will experience a lot of bugs and glitches.
Contact me
If you want to contact me for business and becoming part of this mod, You can find my contact info when I finish the v0.2a. But comment below and ill send you my email via PM if you are interested now.
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v.3a Alpha!
[header]v.3a Alpha![/header] It has been released, Wait for the download to be approved and get ready to have around 2 hours fun of the new mod! Get in quick and win the mount chiliad time trial to win the Toyota GT One! This car will only be available for alpha, After a few weeks, The game will automatically update when you go on the game, The update will delete the time trial but you will still have the car if you won it. Change log - Added races - Added Cars - Added dealerships - Added alpha Toyota GT One - Added GT4 audio - Added car upgrades - Added easy installer .bat - Fixed the Mount Chiliad race bugs

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