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Mod Loader
Quickly and friendly mod installation
Information Files
Author: Link2012
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.2.4
Status: Complete
Started on: 30 Dec 2013
Last Updated: 13 Feb 2015
Views: 145155
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.86666 (45 votes)
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What is it?

Mod Loader is an ASI Plugin for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that adds an extremely user-friendly and easy way to install and uninstall your modifications, without even messing around anything in your game installation.

The usage is simple, you just have to create one or more folders inside modloader directory and then drop the mod contents there. It's done. It is recommended to have one folder for each modification you have.

  • Do not replace ANY original file, never, really.
  • Let Mod Loader take care of everything
  • Data files merging. Therefore you can for example have 70 handling.cfg files at modloader and they'll all work perfectly fine.
  • Readme files reading. No need to care about taking the data line from the readme file and placing in the data file, Mod Loader does that for you too!
  • Refreshable mods. Change or add the files while the game is running and see the results immediatelly!
  • Command line support. See modloader/.data/Command Line
  • In-Game menu for configurations. Go to Options > Mod Configuration.
Last Changes v0.2.4 (Feb 09 2015) * Added IDE refresher. * Added *AUDIO/STREAMS/*, TrakLkUp.dat and StrmPaks.dat overriders. * Added *stream.ini* merger. * Added profiles, a feature to let you have different mod setups with easy switching between them or even automatic *(See modloader/.data/ for details)*. * Wildcards support has been expanded plus not only the IgnoreFiles list support wildcards but the others too. * IPL and IDE files given to modloader NEED to be registered in *gta.dat* like before, the *not needing* approach was error-prone. * Restored the `mod` command line and also added the `-modprof` command line to load a profile. *(See modloader/.data/Command Line for details)*. * The `mod` command line allows the user to specify a priority now. * Fixed non-GENRL wave files not being installed properly. * Other minor fixes. * Fixed readme lines for gta.dat not handled properly. * carcols.dat lines with only a single color are allowed now. * Fixed profiles inheritance. * Fixed last menu page being empty when number of mods is multiple of 9. See modloader/.data/ file for the changelog of all versions.
†Tyranick†™ commented 2 weeks ago:
Absolutely fantastic! Solved my audio mod problems 100% and it works great so far! Best go find me some classic awesome mods!
Link2012 commented 4 weeks ago:
@Matti2013 Use a 1.0US executable instead of 1.0EU
Matti2013 commented 4 weeks ago:
when i try to start SA:MP with modloader it crashes on loading (is standing on half loading bar and crashes) :furious:
Makaveli_In_This commented a month ago:
Can you do smth like this for Vice City? Pls? :)
faizanraza commented a month ago:
Awesome Mod, Man 100 Millions of Thnx in Advance :D
Link2012 commented 2 months ago:
@Jedi_Neko Read the readme, I think all you need to know is explained there.
Jedi_Neko commented 2 months ago:
How do you use this? This is my first time ever installing mods to a game and I'm using Windows 8.1. Anyone please know how to help me? :(
Gustingorriz commented 5 months ago:
When I start gta sa v1.0 in Windows 8.1 it works smoothly, loads models and textures, fully compatible with SAMP and no in-game crashes... 10/10 to the creator But when I quit game using the menu (singleplayer) I get the "Gta_sa.exe stopped working" message. I know its a minor issue, but it's really annoying. Anyone know how can I solve this? Thanks!
eldogbbhed commented 5 months ago:
To be able to effortlessly install/uninstall mods is indispensable. For me, if a mod has been made in such a way that it cannot be installed with this modloader, then that mod is useless to me. I've even got some mods that install via exe and I manually install the files to modloader so I don't have to go through an installer. Rock On!
lyxar commented 6 months ago:
Wonderful idea - Unfortunatelly, as mentioned in various places, the modloader is incompatible with various mods. Incompatible not in the sense that such mods cannot be managed by modloader, but instead that either modloader or the conflicting mod do not work at all. This appears to mainly apply to ASI plugins. One example is first person camera v3. The supplied hooks.asi seems to conflict with modloader, since hooks.asi will fail to load, if modloader.asi is active as well. This happens regardless of if hooks.asi is in the main GTASA dir, or in the modloader subdir. I'm fine with not being able to manage some mods via modloader, but certain mods not being usable at all, if modloader is running, sadly makes this promising tool useless to me.
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