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GTA SA Mobile Starter Save
Paramedic, Vigilante, and more completed
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Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 26 Dec 2013
Last Updated: 29 May 2014
Views: 8535
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (4 votes)
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Sorry, I accidentally deleted my old rar and am having trouble getting my new one uploaded here. Please be patient. In the meantime, here is my post with the same files on TouchArcade

I just made this in case anyone wanted to start out the game with some perks (max health/armor, etc.). Pretty much everything LEGALLY possible to do has been done; this means I've only done the things possible in Los Santos and not the locked areas like Las Venturas or San Fierro. No story missions have been completed.

UPDATE: I made an extra save file that opens up San Fierro and Flint County; The Green Sabre has been completed and some extra 100% things have been done as well. I plan to make one for Las Venturas once I get that far in the story.

What's been done so far:

In the "Los Santos" folder:
- Paramedic (max health)
- Firefighter (fireproof)
- Vigilante (max armor)
- Taxi Driver (taxis have nitro)
- Pimping (prostitutes GIVE you money)
- Burglary (not required for 100%, but it gives you infinite energy while running)
- All 100 tags sprayed (but you can't go into the safehouse with the weapons until you complete the first story mission).
- 15 of 50 Oysters collected (Using the G-Unleashed guide as a reference).
- BMX Challenge
- 8-Track Challenge (Monster spawns at the Los Santos Stadium)
- Roboi's Food Mart Courier Mission (spawns $2000 income)
- Some (but not all) Los Santos properties have been purchased
- Learned moves from the Los Santos Gym (it opens earlier than in the other versions).
- Maximum muscle

UPDATE: The "Country Side and San Fierro" folder
In addition to everything from above:
- Every story mission up to "The Green Sabre" has been completed. This unlocks the country side and San Fierro
- All 50 Snapshots taken (Weapons spawn in the San Fierro Garage)
- Oysters 16-34 collected (once again using the G-Unleashed guide)
- The Sparrow that spawns north of the pilot school has been stored in the San Fierro Garage (don't worry, I didn't cheat to get it; I simply flew another chopper over to Las Venturas and fought off the 4-Star wanted level). It really helps with Oyster hunting :P
- Hippy Shopper Courier Mission (spawns $2000 income)
- Several new properties have been purchased, but not a lot.
- Mt. Chilliad Challenges
- NRG-900 Challenge
- Katie is your girlfriend (Get out of hospitals for free).
- New moves learned at the San Fierro Gym
- Blood Bowl Challenge (Bloodring Banger spawns at the San Fierro Stadium)
- Every weapon except for the Desert Eagle and the Combat Shotgun are at Hitman Level.

You need iFunBox to transfer this to your iOS device (not sure what you need on Android, but the file should work on those devices, too):

1) Click "iFunBox Classic" in the top left corner
2) Go to "User Applications" and click "GTA: SA"
3) Go to the "Documents" folder and put your save file there. Use the save contained in the "Los Santos" folder if you want to start from the beginning. Use the one from "Country Side and San Fierro" folder if you want to start from the beginning of the countryside missions.
4) Enjoy your new save!
CN_Vandal commented 7 months ago:
awesome work dude... but could you re-upload it maybe? I can play it, but game crashes when being busted or wasted (doesn't happen in other savegames), and i noticed another few bugs with that file, which i think could be because of the recent update in the store... if you'd reupload this, i'd be glad. ps will you ever do a full, "illegal" starter game? Cheers :cool:
wristtattoo commented 9 months ago:
download link?
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