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RE Outbreak Rigged Characters
Information Files
Author: Ertrick36
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 3.00
Status: Complete
Started on: 12 Jun 2013
Last Updated: 02 Jan 2014
Views: 9707
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.8 (5 votes)
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Lazy update:

As you all have probably seen, the models and screenshots have finally been posted. And as for the D and E outfits for the girls, I've been far too busy (not that very many people care too much, what with GTA V, PS4/XBone/Wii you being out and all) to even spend a few hours on them. I really want to complete the model rigging and have the complete Outbreak main cast collection up, but college, work, and other things have been getting to me. So if you guys will excuse me, I'll try to get around to getting the rest rigged and altogether, but don't hold your breath, as it may not be until this summer that I get around to doing it all.

For now, please enjoy the models that are available! To be honest, when I was coming on here today, I originally was just going to make an alternate account and post the B and C models on that account, as I almost legitimately thought that my original account was broken. Though I saw that that the models were finally put up for download, and I took a sigh of relief (my support ticket must've worked :) ). So here they are, the twenty four models (comprised of 48 files), all available for the public!

Update (please read):

Okay, so now I have completed the B and C costumes of the 8 PCs. Honestly, it only took a few hours to do, but laziness and being busy both contribute to the fact that I haven't made them until today. Also, I will give a fair warning to those new to modding GTA SA that for Ryosuke's Skin-Selector, there is a limit to the number of character skins you can put into the mod's IMG file. While the actual IMG file doesn't have any actual limitations, if you put enough in and try to play the game, it will crash. How many skins does Ryosuke's Skin-Selector allow, you ask? I have no idea. All I know for certain is that it is capable of accepting over 100 skins (that would be 200 files, 100 being .dff and 100 being .txd), so it shouldn't be too problematic even if you download the equivalent of number of characters and alternate costumes available in Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2. However, if you want to also be able to use other skins (I have a ton in my collection myself), then I suggest that you keep multiple IMG files, each peaked at capacity with the number of skins you can place in them without crashing the game. Other users might also want to note that if using a gta.img file that has modded skins in them (and yes, even if they are used only to replace original GTA SA skins), some mods will not be able to work. I can only recall one mod that doesn't work for me, and it was a mod that was actually already fairly buggy and it changed some scripts in the game. They do work for DYOM (and I'm going to use DYOM to take some cool/silly/sexy screenshots from now on), but for those who use both Skin-Selector and DYOM, it is obvious that you can't create missions with the Skin-Selector skins, so you'll have to go old fashioned and replace some skins (I recommend those of major characters, like Sweet) in the gta.img file.

Other than that, I'll just inform you all that I'll have images for these new outfits up. And instead of the pictures of the characters in lame poses like I place them in last time, they will have their own action shots (and I found out that I can also put in pole dancing/regular dancing poses, so I might put in some humorous images in as well). To a more practical point about this, I can actually take better pictures that show more of what the skins are capable of, so I can show that not only are the skins capable of use by the player, but they are also capable of doing idle activities that normally are only available in cutscenes or can only be done by NPCs (and obviously, I can show you all that you can use them in DYOM). All files and images should be up within a matter of a couple weeks. Last post I recall took around ten or so days to be confirmed, so aim for that.

To the point, here is a detailed list of the models. I have only scarcely tested these out, but they should be fine. They all went through the same process that the others did, though I used a different model to rig Alyssa to, so she will look shorter. Also, I had to shorten some of the names, because Ryosuke's Skin-Selector also has another limit: you can't put more than seven characters into the name of a skin. I know it's silly, but I did this so that those who wanted to use Skin-Selector (like myself) don't end up causing their games to crash and thus complain to me. Anyway, here they are:

  • Kevin B (Nicknamed "Kev B" as in "Kevlar Bob Kevin" / no bugs noticed)
  • Mark B (Name not shortened / no bugs noticed)
  • Jim B (Name not shortened / no bugs noticed)
  • George B (Nicknamed "Geo B" as in "Geothermal Box of George" / no bugs noticed)
  • David B (Nicknamed "Dav B" as in "Dave the only Bad a David" / no bugs noticed)
  • Alyssa B (Nicknamed "Alys B" as in "Allies of Bored Alyssa" / no bugs noticed)
  • Cindy B (Nicknamed "Cin B" as in "Sinful, Blaring Cindy" / no bugs noticed)
  • Yoko B (Name not shortened / no bugs noticed)
  • Kevin C (Nicknamed "Kev C" as in "Kevin's Chemical Revolver" / no bugs noticed)
  • Mark C (Name not shortened / no bugs noticed)
  • Jim C (Name not shortened / no bugs noticed)
  • George C (Nicknamed "Geo C" as in "Geologistical Cartographical George" [no, those two aren't words] / no bugs noticed)
  • David C (Nicknamed "Dav C" as in "David, that Crazy shirtless guy" / no bugs noticed)
  • Alyssa C (Nicknamed "Alys C" as in "Alyssa in some Crazy lingerie" / no bugs noticed)
  • Cindy C (Nicknamed "Cin C" as in "Cindy in a Cute, skimpy Playboy Bunny outfit" / no bugs noticed)
  • Yoko C (Name not shortened / no bugs noticed)
  • Also, can you guys please give me some sort of feedback. It's nice that you guys are interested enough in downloading the mod, but I honestly do not feel like making any modifications on the skins whatsoever if no one's going to tell me that something's wrong with it. Or even a simple "nothing's wrong with it" is fine with me. I just need to gauge my rigging skills, and I want to provide people with more than lackluster skins. Even just voting on it is enough for me, but if you vote low, please say why, otherwise I'll just blow you off as a troll (yes, you can give me a five without a comment, and that's because that tells me that you have no problems with it). But I need something, because I'm not at the liberty to track down the people who download this mod and ask them their thoughts on the mod (and I have neither the money or time to make all those 40 or so trips). But like I said, the skins look fine to me, so if that's so, they should be the same for everyone else unless, for some unknown reason, they cause some issue or glitch out or whatever on someone else' computer (I don't think they should). Here, I have converted the main Outbreak characters to San Andreas. I have spent a lot of time learning how to do this, and this is my first time ever converting any character models to GTA SA. These models are roughly finished. Some are quite buggy, and I plan on polishing them all up overtime. But for now, all eight characters are up here (or available elsewhere) and ready to be placed into GTA SA. I plan to add more along the way, such as the alternate costumes and NPCs (and possibly zombies too), but I will not place creatures (such as the lickers or hunters) in the game, as they are quite complicated and I really don't feel like putting in custom animations for these things (or just learning to do this). To install the mod, you will need an imgtool and possibly Ryosuke's Skin-Selector mod depending on how you want to use it. I recommend the latter if you want to actually be able to play as the characters, though it isn't entirely impossible to install the characters using just the imgtool. There are tutorials on how to use both these things, so I will not provide an in-depth explanation for them. DISCLAIMER: I take absolutely no credit for the creation of these models; they were created by Capcom. I only rigged them into GTA San Andreas, and that is all I can take credit for. I would like to give credit to goin_god for his tutorial for rigging meshes as well as his rigged stuff collection, as I used his Kevin Ryman model (which you can download from goin_god's rigged models collection of which I already provided a link to) to rig some of the models into the game. Here is a list of what models I have so far:
  • Mark A
  • Jim A (shirt and tie only slightly buggy right now)
  • George A (no noticeable bugs right now)
  • David A (his white undersleeves are just a little buggy)
  • Alyssa A (she does have shoulders that might be a little too broad, but I have not noticed any bugs as of now)
  • Cindy A (I have not noticed any bugs on her)
  • Yoko A (no bugs)
  • Go ahead and share these models to other sites if you want, as long as they are free-sharing sites such as this one (of course, you can't post them here anymore 'cause I already did that :p ). Just make sure to give credits where they are due, and give credit to me for the conversions. And also, if you feel like editing them, by all means do it, but if you are to post these edited meshes or textures, you must still give credit where it's due again. Also, I need and appreciate feedback. Please refrain from making any criticisms that aren't constructive (e.g. saying, "These models suck, " is not a sufficient criticism; I cannot block comments, but I will not respond to this comment at all). If you don't like something about the models, please tell me what that is exactly (e.g. a character's buggy shoulders), and I may respond with either a comment or a possible update. Tips are even more welcome.
    CarlmmyJohncetti commented 6 months ago:
    Amazing stuff! Always been a huge fan of Resident Evil since the original game on PSX. In fact, you could say I'm a bit of a RE snob. I really dislike the series from 5 onward. They lost me with their change in genre. No longer survival horror, but oh well. I loved Outbreak, one of my favorite PS2 games! Would you consider porting over some of the USS guys? (HUNK's unit)
    gtamythbusterz commented 8 months ago:
    Very nice, thank you
    Glisp commented 9 months ago:
    There's a few more costumes for the female characters only. The D and E costumes. (only found in File 2) There's also another for Yoko that the games treat as an NPC player character and has different stats from Yoko, Yoko Z. Also, there's a few problems with some of the characters' shoulder joints. (most noticable on Alyssa and Jim.) if you can fix this issue, that would be great. Also, from the default PC skins pack, Kevin is missing. Thankfully, there's another default skin kevin floating around that I have. Thank you for doing this. I love the Outbreak games. They are among my favorite Resident Evil games. Also, do you think you could convert TP-400 and Thanatos?
    commented over a year ago:
    Thanks a ton for the outfits, really~
    commented over a year ago:
    Thanks for the update, unfortunately I don't have V so this means a lot to at least get a word. Good luck~
    commented over a year ago:
    Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been working on this for a while. I have been entirely busy with real life and I got GTA V, so I haven't been working on this project. I understand that some of you guys may or may not have GTA V, and for those who don't, I'm very sorry. I'll try to crank out the rest of the project concerning the main characters this week, as now I'm taking a break from GTA V/Online. I don't have much left to do. For a reminder, all I have left are the D and E outfits for the girls. Somewhat related news: someone is actually working on a RE Outbreak server revival project, and have gotten servers for both File #1 and File #2 up to the Beta stage (for those who don't know, it's basically a server that's playable, but still is considered a test version due to varying factors [e.g. some people consider GTA Online a Beta due to the fact that there are still major issues persisting, which were discovered when people tried to play the game]). People who are interested should check the forum and the videos out.
    MaryseDynasty commented over a year ago:
    I'm just excited for when the other models are ready, you've done a great job ^_^
    Ertrick36 commented over a year ago:
    BTW, thanks for the comments and ratings. It really does help me with figuring out how to best set my course. That way, I'll know what people want, what people don't want, and the bugs. If anyone's got something they feel needs to be expressed about this mod, post now, as it'll help us all in the long run.
    Ertrick36 commented over a year ago:
    WHOAH, big wall of text. I guess we all are new at something here, eh?
    Ertrick36 commented over a year ago:
    (Sorry about being MIA; I've been busy) @EmoScream, Yeah, I've been mostly using character models from mods. Now, however, I've learned how to transpose the GTA SA models to fit the same exact poses as the meshes for Outbreak that I've extracted. So basically, I'll be able to rig the models to the original SA models, which should fix some issues. However, the legs are always a pain, as they are so close together, and it is easy for newbies to accidentally give the characters webbed legs. And with crouching, it is especially bad, and much more prominent in some of the girls' models. But right now, the legs are the least of my worries; right now, I want to know how the hell I ended up giving Alyssa C an extremely sharp left shoulder blade, among other things :/ For zombie mods, there are a ton to choose from. Seriously, there are a lot. There is even one that was originally going to be basically another "Outbreak", but run on the GTA SA engine. It's around somewhere, but the guys stopped work right when they were going to put in the models, and that is sincerely why I made this mod in the first place. I have that mod and a Left 4 Dead mod on my computer, but sometimes I just feel like playing SAPD:FR with Kevin or going on a killing spree as Cindy or Yoko (I don't know what it is with girls and assault rifles, but I just keep finding myself drawn to running around as these two and raining death on people for some reason :p ). As for Left 4 Dead, I do not have either game... and thus, I do not know what to do. For one thing, every game has a different mesh type, skeleton type, and thus a different method of rigging. With GTA SA, once you know how to do it, it's EXTREMELY easy (the hardest part at this point for me is bug testing and fixing). But I tried the same method for the latest Fallout games, and it DEFINITELY did not work. So unless L4D has a mesh system based off of GTA SA's, it would take some time. I recommend you look for a person who knows how to rig T-Model meshes (meaning that the character is standing straight with arms lifted at 90 degree angles from their bodies to form a "T" shape), see if they are willing to rig some meshes into the game, and then send their contact information to me, as I have all of the original meshes and textures and can send them in a neat little package to the guy (or gal). And with GTA V coming out, my PS3 needing to be replaced, and college starting, I'll basically be strapped for cash, so I can't go buying L4D 1 or 2, as much as I know it is fun. For voice modules, I do have some voice clips that I've chopped up myself. I was originally planning to use them (especially Alyssa's) as soundboards for when I'm playing games online with a mic (I was even going to go as far as possibly take some things that Shion Uzuki from Xenosaga says and paste them into Yoko's soundboard, as they both have the same voice actor, and Yoko's lines are rather plain with a few exceptions). But if I can somehow mod the player sound files, I can use the ad-lib clips to fill in some of the things that would otherwise be said in CJ's voice. Then, I could possibly make several script files that will allow you to use any character's voice for any given SA character (including the player). For future plans, I can go in soon and finish rigging the D and E outfits for the female characters. I may also make my own little remeshes and textures for the characters (e.g. Cindy with a bun, Yoko with longer hair without the disguise, Mark with military/mall cop colored clothes, Alyssa with red hair , and George with different colored scrubs. And yes, the B and C models have been made and I posted them, but they are still waiting approval (after a month or more, I think). Screenshot collection is still incomplete, which is probably part of the reason for the delay. Also, I may consider transferring these over to GTA IV (got it this week on Steam :D ), but I'll need to relearn mesh rigging for that (as it'll be different, I suspect), and there is the simple fact that they may look a little off from the rest of the GTA IV characters (you know, because of different generations and whatnot), but then again I have the girls in Fallout 3, and they actually look alright.
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