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Tommy's Colored Shirts
As well as glasses!
Information Files
Author: SpeedyDVV No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: Release #4
Status: Complete
Started on: 21 Apr 2007
Last Updated: 26 Sep 2007
Views: 12340
Type: Conversion
Rating: 2 (2 votes)
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A fairly easy edit from the original Vercetti Skin, add these bmps to your skins directory, open them from within Vice City and voila, instant colored shirt WITHOUT Hawai pattern. (Well, there's ofcourse the few WITH Hawai pattern..)

Remember! Using a different model (AKA the outfits you can pick up and get during missions) will make sure Tommy takes off the shirts (and glasses).
Changing back to his 'Street' outfit, it will return to the skin, though.

Completed Shirts:

Green Shirt
Green Shirt w/ Glasses
Green Shirt (Spotless)
Red Shirt
Red Shirt w/ Glasses
Yellow Shirt
Yellow Shirt w/ Glasses
Orange Shirt
Orange Shirt w/ Glasses
Blue Shirt
Blue Shirt w/ Glasses
Dark Blue Shirt
Dark Blue Shirt w/ Glasses
Grey Shirt
Grey Shirt w/ Glasses
Pink Shirt
Pink Shirt w/ Glasses
Purple Shirt
Purple Shirt w/ Glasses
Blue Striped w/ Clear Glasses *
Original w/ Clear Glasses *
Red Hawai *
Claude's Clothing *
Megaman Outfit *
Megaman Outfit (Helmetless) *
Tanned Tommy *
Burned Tommy *
Old TV Tommy *

* means it's a bonus upload, aka an upload where more (or less) than the shirt (or actually still just the shirt) has been changed..
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SpeedyDVV commented over 11 years ago:
Anything to ask or say about these shirts?

Just go and do so here. I'll be glad to reply to every (non-spam) post.


Hey, if you've downloaded my shirt-pack, and you're using it in Vice City.. mind taking screenshots?
Just mail 'em to [email protected], and be sure to give it a subject like 'Shirt shots' or something like it.. and obviously, the mail address is without the DONT-SPAM-ME part...
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3211 Downloads.. Even shared over 28 files, it is a pretty impressing number..

I must thank you guys for your downloading, I truly appreciate it. I thought nobody'd like these colored shirts, but then I started seeing the download number go up..

Seriously, I appreciate it!

However, I must still mention I'm kind of truly done with making shirts. I've been focusing more on SA:MP lately instead of Vice City, and I haven't made a single different shirt since I posted last time..

So, I'm labelling this as 'Complete'. No longer a Work In Progess...

Maybe that one day, I'll make another shirt, but that is far away.

See you on GTA IV! ;)

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