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HD Tommy Model
High Poly Model of tommy
Information Files
Author: vhj1995
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Status: Complete
Started on: 30 Nov 2012
Last Updated: 29 Dec 2012
Views: 12565
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.08333 (12 votes)
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High Defination Tommy Moddel
High Defination, High Poly and Smooth Model by me. Download And Enjoy..!
Use my White Tommy + Clear Skin Mod
Link :
-You Need Original TXD of Tommy. New changes comming soon.with hd skin and beta blue shirt skin... Dont Rate Bad, Insted of Rating Bad Suggest me or report bug on Email
Goingamecrazy commented 7 months ago:
wtf random double post
Goingamecrazy commented 7 months ago:
Ya know, you could have used the Cutscene model from the 10 year anniversary edition before using meshsmooth and maybe got away with it.
Black Stallion commented over 5 years ago:
LOL just meshsmooth... this ain't HD
Junior123456789 commented over 5 years ago:
Just download vakooja texture.
ThirteenAG commented over 5 years ago:
What's the point of the hd model without hd texture?
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