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The Ultimate Save Game.
The best one out there till now...
Information Files
Author: TheDon123
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 17 Nov 2012
Last Updated: 17 Nov 2012
Views: 6294
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 1 (1 votes)
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The Ultimate Save Game.

All clothes, all missons complete, all oysters, tags, photo shots, horseshoes collected, all save houses bought, $99999999999, max sex appeal, infinite run, infinite health, infinite armor, all side missons complete. Overall 100% complete.

Gangs are added in Las Venturas (Triads and Italian Mafia) in some places. Also grove street, aztecs, triads don't attack each other nor CJ. However if CJ replies positively to Aztecs or Triads they may attack him. (Please note that you cannot recruit Aztecs or Triads.) Also the three allies (Grove, Aztec, Triads) have taken over Bay Side Marina, (You will start from there after loading). And also Gangs have much stronger weapons. See them yourself :D however, you won't be able to see Ballas and Vagos weapons since their territories are taken over, so you may type the cheat ''BIFBUZZ'' to see them.

Weapons - from the start you have a knife, silenced pistol, shotgun, SMG, M4, minigun, moltov cocktail, flowers and camera.

Clothes - your wearing the most expensive clothes from the start - Tuxedo, Tuxedo Pants, Black Rim, Black shoes, Black Derby, Dollar chain and Gold Watch.

(Gang wars are disabled since all territories are taken over). Further updates may be added if requested for example, if you don't want infinite armor/health you may request to get it removed, and if you want gangs to take over certain areas you may request, etc.

Hope you like my save game :). Please report any bugs or errors.
TheDon123 commented over 5 years ago:
Updated territories :die:
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