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GTA III Chain Game Round 1
The Savefile of the First round of GTA III Chain Game
Information Files
Author: lol232 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: Final
Status: Complete
Started on: 07 Jul 2012
Last Updated: 07 Jul 2012
Views: 3378
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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Hosting this Savefile anywhere else is NOT allowed,
Under mine (lol232's) or Arsen Vitiuk's permission!

Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game Round 1

List of Participants :
- Arsen Vitiuk (Chief)
- cidamelo
- Claude Speed.
- Filip454
- lol232

Record Book of Round 1:

Criminal Rating: Capo (4753)
Time for Patriot Palyground in secs: 255 - Score By Claude Speed.
A Ride In The Park in secs: 95 - Score By Claude Speed.
Gripped! in secs: 254 - Score By Claude Speed.
Multistorey Mayhem in secs: 106 - Score By Claude Speed.
Turismo time: 149 - Score By cidemelo
Mafia Massacre: 9 - Score By Arsen Vitiuk
Diablo Destruction: 5 - Score By Arsen Vitiuk
Casino Calamity: 6 - Score By Arsen Vitiuk
Rumpo Rampage: 7 - Score By Arsen Vitiuk
Longest Flight in Dodo: 55 - Score By Claude Speed.

Garages :

Portland Island:
1. Corpse Manana (UV) - Obtained during "Dead Skunk In The Trunk".

Staunton Island:
1. Patriot (BP) - Obtained during "Marked Man".
2. Jet Black Cheetah (UC) - Seen driving on Bedford Point from 0:00 to 3:00 (In V 1.1 ONLY)
3. Jet Black Rumpo (UC) - Obtained During "Under Surveillance"
4. A Grey Stretch - Seen Randomly driving on Streets

Shoreside Vale:
1. Dark Red Stinger (UC) - Obtained During "Grand Theft Auto"
2. Dark Red Infernus (UC) - Obtained During "Grand Theft Auto"
3. Blue Infernus - Seen Randomly driving on Streets.

UV - Unique Vehicle
BP - Bulletproof
UC - Unique Colour

Game is Complete 100%, No Cheats Hacks or Trainers nor Mods were used During the completion,
ONE Thing that is left is Securicar Cracker Garage - Deliver 10 Securicars in the Portland Docks Garage,
where you park the Securicar in during "Van Heist", not needed for 100% Completion though, but I advise you to do it.


-Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game Team.

Installation :
Put the GTA3sf1.b to Documents\GTA III User Files,
You can change the Number Into Any Save Slot you want,
the Number is the Save Slot the Save Is located.

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