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A7x In Gta SA !
Just Chillin dude, my mods in progress
Information Files
Author: the fefek
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 03 Dec 2011
Last Updated: 04 Dec 2011
Views: 9587
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 2 (4 votes)
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Bored with ur SA?

wants others?

Here they Come !

Avanged Sevenfold in SA !

V 1.0
-.FACE LIKE SYNYSTER(if you bored with that? i can upload another... but, you want to wait)lol :d
-.Some script couldn't done cz some partition my harddisk has been formatted...
-.Intro n movie gta a7x..
-.If you go to anywhere, synyster always in his hand pick up a guitar..(guitar replace brass knuckle)
-.U Can perform at club san fierro and in the los santos..
-.textures look like gta IV.
-.stage ready in lost santos near of comercee and glen park
-.fighting style..
-.riot style..
-.walking style..
-.sound style like pain, and much more you can look in the readme...
-.Gangster OG Like synsyter full tattoo..
-.Ballas asshole and vagos will dressed a white tank with tattoo
-.Pure ENB will needed.. !
-... >> sh*t, i can't wait my files uploaded to gtagarage cz my connections it's too slow... avg 1mbps ! sorry

NB: -.File size almost 1.6Gb from total 2GB... it's has been compressed..
-.minimum for this mods:
*.Ram 2GB At least for music and page files..
*.proccesor at least dual core or better 2.0Ghz
*.Graphics nVIDIA 8000GS or better/AMD semphron(I Dont know how much about AMD)..
*.OS... Whatever.. win xp, vista(Recomended 4GB for page files) and same as win 7
*.If you wants run the gta SA you must run first game booster update... coz, game booster will stable to play with it..

scn shoot not available... video will appear shortly and my mods will appear shortly not to 2 weeks

sorry with my speeling.. !

ps: admin: don't upload third party link like megaupload, rapidshare, etc !

For all members, the files will upload shortly !

I'm so sorry !
The files has broken and it 'll be fixed.. !

change Log:

*.Stage has broken in los santos..
*.Bug has find when get to the stage.. music doesn't appear !
*.Ur MP3 Can be Played as radio station...
*.Fxt cheats has been fixed...
*.cleo4 recomended with this mods...
*.OG's dressed like boy band a7x..
*.skins i have only 3... !
*.Hair cut with blonde red cyan and mohawk detailcut..
*.Rose tattoo like gun's and roses can be found at las venturas near sex shop...
*.A Particle was added HD Blood, target, signs and many more.. same as effects !
*.trainner added..
*.car spawner added and mission select..
*.3D Vehicle(Not ENB HD Required)
*.Engine sounds, turbo sound nos sound has changed to new..
*.Car logo has changed to new...
*.some cars has been converted to NFS MW..
*.Some sound converted from gta IV
*.I Guess It... !
*.I'll found more bugs before i upload this mods to gta garage
I just say...

Wait My mods appear to gta garage.. it'll be great in ur SA !


Some files has been created and i'll upload as soon as possible !

Files Created:
*.Cleo only 1 can be uploaded, cz couldn't done...
*.and many more... look at read me to installation.. !
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