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Author: Qub1
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v0.1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 16 Jun 2011
Last Updated: 20 Aug 2011
Views: 31145
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.31817 (22 votes)
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I've discontinued this project temporarily, because I am at the moment way to busy to be working on this too. It was sort of a hobby, lol. That's because I am currently developing my own game in Java.

If you want your mod to be added, just add a comment to this one, including a link to your mod. By requesting your mod to be added, I automatically assume that you approve that I may use it. And if you find a bug, please notify me by commenting on this mod.


Do you also have more than 30 mods installed, cluttering up space, making your CLEO folder messy and using up all your keys for commands? Well, no more thanks to Multi Menu.

I've created this small in-game menu, so that you may activate mods without actually having to type their commands.
I am going to try and include as much mods from other creators as possible (and with their permission), which will also have an in-game  message.

This is not a mod pack. This is a new mod, containing functions from other mods. The mod is new, because it sorts your mods in a nice menu. It is thereby a conversion and a mod created from scratch. But, as it contains other mods, mostly a collaborative mod. Some functions of the mod have been scripted by me, though, so not everything is converted.

Some other advantages are that the game won't crash (as often) any more, because mods are not executed simultaneously. I will also put some anti-crash checks in there, to make your game experience a happy one :-). Once a mod has finished executing, a small message saying that the menu is ready for input will appear on screen.

You may open the menu by typing MENU. This is the last command you'll ever need to remember.

Oh, and if you would like your mod to be added to the menu, please ask as a response, so that I may add it to the list.

Below is a list of things that will be added to the next version. Currently the next version coming out is v1.0. Plans for later versions will not be included in that version.

- [X] Finish Environment Menu
- [X] Finish Killstreaks Menu
- [X] Finish NPCs Menu
- [ ] Finish Player Menu
- [ ] Finish Vehicles Menu
- [ ] Finish Weapons Menu

[ADDED | APPROVED] Game Speed Menu v1.0 ( Qub1)

[ADDED | APPROVED] Earthquake v1.3 (Nov 08 2010) ( Rodent)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Tornado v2.0 ( Rafal22)

[ADDED | APPROVED] Attack Helicopter v? (Dec 07 2010) ( UNRATED69)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Blackhawk v2.0 (Jun 21 2010) ( james227uk)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Stealth Bomber v? (Apr 02 2010) ( james227uk)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Care Package v? (Aug 05 2010) ( james227uk)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Moving Chopper Gunner v? (Jul 04 2010) ( james227uk)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Fixed Chopper Gunner v? (Dec 07 2010) ( UNRATED69)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Counter UAV v? (Apr 03 2010) ( james227uk)
[ADDED | APPROVED] EMP v? (Apr 02 2010) ( james227uk)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Gunship v? (Dec 07 2010) ( UNRATED69)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Jeep Gunner v? (Apr 03 2010) ( james227uk)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Mortar Strike v? (Dec 07 2010) ( UNRATED69)

[ADDED | APPROVED] Napalm Strike v? (Dec 07 2010) ( UNRATED69)
[ADDED | APPROVED] RC-XD v? (Dec 07 2010) ( UNRATED69)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Rolling Thunder v? (Dec 07 2010) ( UNRATED69)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Sentry Gun v? (Dec 07 2010) ( UNRATED69)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Tactical Nuke v? (Jul 04 2010) ( james227uk)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Advanced Tactical Nuke v1.0 ( james227uk / Qub1)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Valkirie Rockets v? (Dec 07 2010) ( UNRATED69)

[ADDED | APPROVED] 911 Backup v2.0 (Oct 29 2010) ( disyer)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Emergency Services v2.0 (Aug 05 2010) ( Cashilysh)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Body Guards v1.0 (Jul 28 2009) ( searchuser12387)
[ADDED | APPROVED] Bribe Police Department v? (Jul 07 2010) ( Rodent)

- Change tornado  from rv17 to Rafal22
[ADDED | APPROVED] Big Backup v2.0 (Jun 05 2011) ( CK-sh*t)




Toggle able functions, like turning certain mod functions on and off. In v1.0 there are only functions that will result in some cool animation or car ride, but the next version will actually allow you to set certain things on or off, like turn a certain car mod on and off. This is going to take a while to make, because turning mods on and off while in game is likely to make the game crash, so I'm going to need to set a lot of anti-crash checks.

- Valkyrie Rockets (when launching a second rocket)
- RCXD (clicking the detonate button after the car has already exploded by bumping into another car)

- When the game time is set to anything lower than 1.0 (so normal speed), the menus become unresponsive.
- The call 911 Backup mod will display some random strange text on your screen, messing up the dialogs. I can't seem to fix this, sorry.
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max99 commented over a year ago:
game crashes when i spawn body guards or call my homies :*( and something else probably crashes but i cant get bothered to check :whuh: anyway... great mod! keep up the good work
Qub1 commented over 3 years ago:
I'm very sorry, I've been very busy lately and I totally forgot about this project :S. Currently I'm developing my own game in Java, so that has been drawing all of my attention. Maybe I'll be able to continue working on this later, but for now I'm going to have to discontinue this project temporarily.
isu commented over 3 years ago:
its not working for me and i installed the cleo 4 of gta sa
Zolox commented over 3 years ago:
lol this crash my game :p :r*:
JohnL12345 commented over 3 years ago:
Sir... kindly upload anti-crash plss... I downloaded this but when i use tactical laser(mod), it will crash to desktop...
Mystal commented over 3 years ago:
That is a terrific mod. You can add my mods 1.GTA SA Ring Railway Mod v2. 2.Duke Mansion Thanks
kazis commented over 3 years ago:
what is MENU button ? :D man, am i so god damned stupid ? :D anywaays take theese :cookie: :cookie:
Ray_killer commented over 3 years ago:
i tried this on multiplayer but i dont see the menu text when it comes up
stevenMB commented over 3 years ago:
it's cool
Ronnie22-94 commented over 3 years ago:
Thanks man it works :colgate:
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Small Pause
I will continue working on the mod next week, when I have the time. Currently I'm only just done with school work, so I first need to finish some other small things and then I'll get on bringing v1.0 to the web.

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