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Ultimate Starter Save
Made by GTA III Chain Game players
Information Files
Author: Arsen Vitiuk No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: Final
Status: Complete
Started on: 29 Apr 2011
Last Updated: 14 Jun 2012
Views: 8673
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4 (7 votes)
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This is the Ultimate Starter Save for GTA III made by the Chain Game players.
This save includes all possible side missions done at the beginning of the game before completing the first storyline mission without the use of cheats, getting busted or wasted.
NOTE: "Give Me Liberty" and "Luigi's Grils" had to be completed otherwise we could not progress.

- Paramedic is done
- All 60 criminals killed for Vigilante mission
- All 60 fires extinguished for Firefighter mission
- All 100 fares needed for Taxi mission delivered
- All Hidden Packages found
- All Unique Jumps done
- All Rampages completed
- Mafia Massacre complete
- Diablo Destruction complete
- Casino Calamity complete
- Rumpo Rampage complete
- Patriot Playground complete
- A Ride In The Park complete
- Gripped! complete
- Multistporey Mayhem complete
- Portland Docks garage filled
- All cars except for BF Injection delivered to Pike Creek Import Garage
- All vehicles except for FBI Car, Barracks OL and Rhino delievered to Emergency Vehicle Crane

- All Storyline missions
- Deliver BF Injection to Pike Creek Garage
- Deliver FBI Car, Barracks OL and Rhino to Emergency Vehicle Crane
NOTE: If you are playing with cheats, you can use the 'GIVEUSATANK' cheat to generate a Rhino and deliver it to the Crane.

- Arsen Vitiuk
- cidamelo
- lol232
- dingleman
- Claude Speed.

- Total percentage: 53%
- Days passed in game: 27
- Money on account: $ 6.167.069
- Criminal Rating: Right-Hand Man (3198)
- Time for Patriot Playground: 226 (Score set by Claude Speed.)
- Time for A Ride In The Park: 94 (Score set by Arsen Vitiuk)
- Time for Gripped!: 234 (Score set by Arsen Vitiuk)
- Time for Multistorey Mayhem: 99 (Score set by lol232)
- Longest flight in Dodo: 64 (Score set by dingleman)
- Cars destroyed on Diablo Destruction: 3 (Score set by Arsen Vitiuk)
- Cars destroyed on Mafia Massacre: 5 (Score set by Arsen Vitiuk)
- Cars destroyed on Casino Calamity: 6 (Score set by Arsen Vitiuk)
- Cars destroyed on Rumpo Rampage: 6 (Score set by Arsen Vitiuk)
- Daily Police Spending: $ 333.760
- Total Taxi earnings: $ 223.429
- Unique-colored Pale Green Kuruma parked in Portland garage
- Dodo, Cheetah and Unique-colored Lemon Yellow Stallion parked in Staunton garage
- TOYZ van and Cartel Cruiser parked in Shoreside garage
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rockstar069 commented 5 months ago:
The best GTA3 save ever! Hope you do one for IOS and Android.
rockstar069 commented 5 months ago:
The best GTA3 save ever! Hope you do one for IOS and Android.
rockstar069 commented over a year ago:
Best GTA3 save ever! Do the same thing for Android and IOS.
IncrediBoy2000 commented over 3 years ago:
Thanks bro. Now I don't have to worry about those "pain in the ass" extra missions or 100 packages and the cars to Portland garages. Now I can have fun playing the storyline missions :)
lol232 commented over 3 years ago:
Niice! So we finished it right? Sweet!
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Ultimate Strter Project finished
Today the Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game: The Ultimate Starter project has been completed. The project took 21 days to complete with 5 players having participated. The world will now see the Chain Game Ultimate Starters on GTANet in a short time. Although the Ultimate Starters have been done before, the project leader, Arsen Vitiuk. told us that this Ultimate Starter was special: "I know that GTA:III is a 9-year old game and many Ultimate Starter Saves have been done before. But this Ultimate Starter is special. Special because it was a collaborative work whilst all other are a one-man job." We should remind that the Ultimate Starter Save is a save where all possible side missions in the game have been done before doing any storyline mission. This kind of saves is harder to accomplish since in many games there are side missions that are unavailable in the beginning, and in other games, like Grand Theft Auto series, some areas are sealed off from normal access, thus requiring some skill, work and time to assemble such a save. That's all for now. Keep track of our news update in the future! - Chain Game Chronic, April 29 2011

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