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ParrotBay Radio Player
Make your own custom radio station(s), fast forward, pause, play
Information Files
Author: iriedreadlock23
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.0.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 02 Apr 2011
Last Updated: 16 Apr 2011
Views: 10227
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4 (1 votes)
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Did you ever want to play all GTAIV series radio in one single game? How about your own custom radio station made completely of GTA IV / EFLC tracks? Choose your playlist, and then create skin for your radio station. Make as many as you want, play them as easy as button press.


# All GTA IV / EFLC Audio supported
# Easily build playlist using Offline editor
# Create skins with custom background/buttons/text
# Switch between stations in milliseconds.
# Play, pause, rewind, fast forward any track
# Mix two or more stations in one
# Play your music in all clubs
# Using 100% GTAIV code/engine.
# All playlists and skins are XML
# Supports importing of GTA IV audio to EFLC
# Sounds database included
# Supports linking tracks to hour/minute or any weather
# Added simple animations to playlists

DEFAULT KEY: PrintScreen

Example 1
POINT OF INTEREST: Keyboard Codes for button configuration List of Color Names Complete Color Table More Videos at: YOUTUBE CHANNEL
Example 1Example 2
BUILD LOG: v1.0.1.0 I have added option to select which game audio do you wish to use in OfflineEditor. You can choose between GTAIV, TBOGT, TLAD or ALL audio. I have also fixed various small bugs (when switching songs) and reduced application size. Plus, now you get 99% of all Audio available in GTAIV series one click away in your (Offline) playlist editor. Removed hardcoded hotkeys, and switched pause key from D3 to Pause on your keyboard. v1.0.0.0 First version is wrapped and ready to be tried out. Thanks to my girlfriend, I have even implemented animations. You can now set playlist background to rotate, and also you can enable animated sprites. I have included all files that you may need. Read the manual, and ask the questions in v1.0.0.0 beta Just finished over night tests. Radio kept playing for 10 hours straight with no issues. Few skins are now included, just to show you flexibility of ParrotBay radio.
How to start ParrotRadio ingame? To activate ingame radio, press PRINT SCREEN on your keyboard. You can easily configure all buttons in scripts\parrotradio.config. If you have conflict with another script, just change buttons in mentioned file. You can use keyboard, mouse or any PC gamepad. Why some audio won't play? If you cant play some audio, it means that you don't have required game data files to play those. Not all radio will work for you if you haven't followed the instructions on how to import audio. If you don't have GTAIV, YOU CANNOT PLAY GTAIV audio! What you have is what you can play. How do I remove unwanted entries from playlist? Just edit playlist with OfflineRadio.exe, and remove lines that will not play. Replace them with other sounds from library. Save your playlist, and it will be immediately changed in game. You don't even have to reload scripts, not even to reload your save game. Just switch to another radio, and get back to yours. Everytime you select the radio, it will reload itself. Can I remove playlists that I don't need? You can remove unwanted playlists, edit them, or create new with OfflineRadio.exe. Game will read the playlists in your scripts\RADIO folder. So make sure to have at least one playlist in RADIO folder. Is it true that I can use GTAIV radio in EFLC? Follow the instructions, and if you have GTAIV+EFLC installed, you can use complete radio from all games, right in your EFLC installation. Make backups of all files that you intend to overwrite. It will take 30minutes to 1 hour to accomplish all steps from Audio Tutorial. How do I make my own playlist skins? Using OfflineRadio.exe, open any playlist, and by pressing valve button, you can access skin edit menu. In there you can open skin files from other playlists, and assign them to yours, or edit all of its features one by one. DO NOT CHANGE names from the left column, as the game won't be able to recognize your settings. Properties must have original names, while you can edit values as you wish. How do I use custom colors on my playlist? You can use any color, by simply writing its name. For example: Red, OliveDrab, DarkBlue, Gold, Black. If you want to use multiple colors for playlist title or song title, use following approach: To show one part of the text in white, write [*w*]My Text. You can use multiple colors like this, [*w*]My text is [*r*]Red, while some text is [*g*]Green!. Combine base text color with bracket colors to get more variations. As you guesed, the letter inside of brackets is the first letter of a color (w = white, r = red, b = blue... ) Can this all be easier? No. If you want to achieve what Rockstar did't let you do at the first place, and to modify GTAIV content, you must learn the basics of doint so. If this is complicated, think about how complicated it has been to code this. Nothing can be done without a little effort. And it's all it takes. If you don't want to use your brain, don't waste my time. I cannot get it to work, what should I do? I ask you to carefully read, and I expect of you to know how to open, save, copy and paste files. Most of mistakes are made by not following the instructions. You might have missed something. If you still can't figure it out, ask here.
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Update 1.0.1b
This is small nightly build, that includes: # New Database with 99% of GTAIV/TLAD/TBOGT audio # Various bug fixes # Updated OfflineRadio.exe # New # Option to use playlists per game In next full release, there'll be installer.

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