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Claude Speed
Player Replacement
Information Files
Author: indra p
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V2.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 May 2010
Last Updated: 06 Jul 2014
Views: 64696
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.46575 (73 votes)
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Features :

Full cj Replacement include with new hairstyle and clothes...

txd editor_for texturing help.
$NIKI$_for the claude clothes texture and models.
jp245_for the bald head texture.
bnb_for the cleo script.


updates/fast pic :
Hoody up
Hoody up(animated)
new clothes
new hats
Comments News
FortCarson commented 4 months ago:
Hey Can I Put your mod on GTAall?
indra p commented 5 months ago:
 QUOTE (FortCarson @ 20:50, 23 Oct 2014)
Hey Man Can You make the Hairstyles in Screenshot "More Hairstyles"?
already did... its included in the mod...
FortCarson commented 5 months ago:
Hey Man Can You make the Hairstyles in Screenshot "More Hairstyles"?
indra p commented 5 months ago:
IRCybot : have you try to start a new game after installing this mod?
IRCybot commented 5 months ago:
Hey, I really want to get this mod, but my San Andreas is crashing. I have CLEO 4, I've tried using cleo 3 for this mod aswell, but to no avail, it still crashes. I get into the main menu, and select my save file. It loads, goes black, then crashes. I have even tried to install your black screen patch. I've reinstalled my San Andreas MANY times, and it still just does not work! I install it on a clean slate every single time, with cleo and this mod, thats it! Can I please get some help with this? Many cookies if you can help me :cookie: :cookie:
indra p commented 5 months ago:
@CarlmmyJohncetti : thank you... i apreciate that... but i cant do that, its not just take alot of time but also hard... and however i've retired from SA modding. and sorry for late reply, i just not always checking this comment section...
CarlmmyJohncetti commented 6 months ago:
Indra P! Let me start by saying that I'm a fan of your work, I bookmarked your blog with your original creations, all the stuff you do is fantastic. This mod right here, is one of my favorite for San Andreas and the quality in it is evident but there's just one big problem with it for me and that is: we are unable to change Claude's weight or muscles to visibly reflect his stats as we can with regular CJ. Would you please consider coming back to this mod and releasing an updated version where that IS possible? I'd like to see Claude fat or muscular and it would give the full roleplay experience. I suspect the trouble you had with that, and the reason you opted not to include those features is because you would have had to edit all of the head models to include thicker necks/fat features when the bodies are changed. I realize that might be time consuming, but Indra I think you owe it to this otherwise fantastic mod to buckle down and just do it, make this mod complete.
indra p commented 8 months ago:
just editing is totally okay... what you doing in your pc is your business... but if you want to publish or release it, pease publish it as add-ons, no need to reupload the whole part of the mod... that will make confusion...
gtagamerlover commented 8 months ago:
can i use your skin i want to edit the mohawk to supersaiyan hair plss Indra P :r*: :r*: i rated you 55
indra p commented 8 months ago:
sorry for you guys who experienced black sceen error after installing this mod... maybe its late but the fix patch is available now...
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V2.0 Coming Soon
added some new clothes, hats and more

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