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Claude Speed
Player Replacement
Information Files
Author: indra p
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V2.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 May 2010
Last Updated: 06 Jul 2014
Views: 54976
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.45833 (72 votes)
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Features :

Full cj Replacement include with new hairstyle and clothes...

txd editor_for texturing help.
$NIKI$_for the claude clothes texture and models.
jp245_for the bald head texture.
bnb_for the cleo script.


updates/fast pic :
Hoody up
Hoody up(animated)
new clothes
new hats
Comments News
indra p commented a month ago:
just editing is totally okay... what you doing in your pc is your business... but if you want to publish or release it, pease publish it as add-ons, no need to reupload the whole part of the mod... that will make confusion...
gtagamerlover commented a month ago:
can i use your skin i want to edit the mohawk to supersaiyan hair plss Indra P :r*: :r*: i rated you 55
indra p commented a month ago:
sorry for you guys who experienced black sceen error after installing this mod... maybe its late but the fix patch is available now...
ArrogantLucifer commented 2 months ago:
Brother... I Cant Download at here... Can you Send me an alternative link please? My Email : [email protected] Thanks Brother... BTW nice Skins :)
gugranai commented 7 months ago:
i follow the instructions on the archive Read Me, however my game loading but stay on black screen and crash, do you have another way to install this? i really need this awesome mod! thx
commented 8 months ago:
Thanks Indra for let me use a .dff model of this mod in my new Vic Vance mod ;)
edicu2000 commented over a year ago:
can i add this claude to my mod?
bryan244 commented over a year ago:
Thank you for the mod :) For the mod to work correctly I added player.img to the gta3.img using the gtaimage tool and I had to start a new game. It works great, I was looking for a mod like this for years. My favorite gta character is Claude, but I liked his young model better. I sincerely thank you.
The Great commented over a year ago:
I found the error that is Cesar hairstyle
Kino1407 commented over 2 years ago:
Sorry for the bump but i've tried everything in the IMGTool and the txdworkshop but the loading screen fades to black when i want to start a new game, help please, a video or more details or maybe a fix, please i love this mod :cry:
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V2.0 Coming Soon
added some new clothes, hats and more

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