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 Oct 19 2011

Xbox mod v1.0 update 1

Posted by rmws..
Update pack for v1.0 is in progress. So far it features improved vehicle models (they look smoother), improved menu (better interface, correct menu backgrounds), graphic improvements (stronger omni lighting on vehicles and peds, better shadows, improved ambient lighting and car reflections). I'm planning to do more stuff if I'm lucky enough to find some time ;) Keep your eye on GTAF/GTAGarage and wait for more updates

 Sep 10 2010

beta 1.3 is out!

Posted by rmws..
This version contains more than 300 updated or completely re-converted files since last release: 219 new model files, 79 texture archives and 19 other type files. The game looks much nicer compared to beta 1.2 version. Pre-lighted models are more brighten and 'alive', vehicles with specular lighting and ENBSeries reflections look very sweet and HD textures bring you to more realistic Liberty City.

 Aug 22 2010

beta 1.3 is coming out soon!

Posted by rmws..
So far, beta 1.3 contains more than 250 updated or completely re-converted files. And If everything goes as planned, you should expect GTA3 Xbox Version beta 1.3 release next month.   Beta 1.3 includes: Pre-lighted vegetation and other objects, remake of Xbox console menu, texture improvements, specular lighting imitation, remake of Xbox version buildings, ENBSeries settings improvement, collision fixes, vehicle fixes, texture mapping fixes, model coordinates fixes, mission arrow and sphere fixes, compression of smaller than 64*64 textures and unnecessary features removal.
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