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Viewing News for .NET Petrol Mod V3

 Mar 15 2009

2.2 released

Posted by Gangsta Killa.
I've now released version 2.2 updates include the car database. Which allows each car to have its own fuel drain amount.

 Mar 03 2009

2.2 In progress

Posted by Gangsta Killa.
Every car will have its own fuelDrain amount and tank size, which can be changed in a car database. This also opens up other possibilitys such as different fuel types.

 Feb 23 2009

2.1 Released

Posted by Gangsta Killa.
Version 2.1 of the mod has been released, changes inlcude -Nearly every aspect is configurable via the ini file -Master toggle switch has been programmed in -Redone the fuel calculation and also takes account of engine damage -Gauges can now be toggled on or off -Changed default location of the gauges (can be set via ini)
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