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 Aug 06 2008


Posted by saronel.
All further version will no longer be added.
I have given up modding SA however i will keep my
mods here for those who want it

 May 26 2008

Tropcal islands

Posted by saronel.
TI being delayed as my computer is getting upgraded please bear with me. V1.4 should be out in another maybe 2 weeks time

 May 12 2008

Tropical islands

Posted by saronel.
Version 1.3 will be released within 5 days
V1.3 includes:
Bug fixes
gaps in the land are now fixed
More buildings
a jump at the runway
V1.4 will be released in about 2 weeks, it will
be a huge release as island two will be accessable
and island one will be complete.

Screen shots will be realesed soon
brick bit ?E?E bit bit
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