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 Jun 02 2008

GTASAPic V.1.2 released!!

Posted by dailydols.

+ CJ's path is now tracked
and displayed in the tool's window
See README.txt for details.
+ several minor bugfixes

Check it out and have fun playing!

 May 20 2008

Sources released...

Posted by dailydols.

The sources of the tool (V.1.1.1) are now released.
Check it out and play with it.

 May 19 2008

V.1.1.1 released

Posted by dailydols.
The only change is that CJ is now correctly teleported IN FRONT of a tag instead of placing him in the wall, which was annoying in some cases.

 May 19 2008

New Version 1.1 released.

Posted by dailydols.
New version 1.1 is out!

The major changes are some minor bugfixes, the display of the item's index (may not be the same as in the available gameguides!) and Unique Jumps.

Of course still ONLY all undone/uncollected items will be displayed.

If you want also done/collected items to be displayed you will need to start a petition ;-)
So I think this is irrelevant, because this is only supposed to be a 100%-helper...

 May 16 2008

Unique jumps implemented...

Posted by dailydols.
I got the reading routine for the UniqueJumps running, but I want to add an arrow to show the player in which direction and how far to jump.

Hopefully I can release the new version by the end of the weekend.

 May 16 2008

About to add unique jumps...

Posted by dailydols.
I'm about to get (unjumped!) unique jumps included to the map, but I'm still struggling with the memory address and the item's structure.

0xA9A888 = pointer to pointer to pool of structures like below.

struct _CUniqueJump
float vec1[3];
float vec2[3];
float vec3[3];
float vec4[3];
float vec5[3];
uint32_t reward;
uint8_t jumped;
uint8_t found;
uint16_t padding;

Can someone tell me if this structure is correct and how to correctly interprete the values?

Thanks in advance!
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