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 Jun 01 2012

Now includes even more!

Posted by Chong McBong.
Now includes moving steering wheel, windscreen wipers, speedometer, and revcounter, and a paint changer script too... Press P for paint and K for wipers. credits for scripts are in the description above, and in the readme :)

 May 08 2012

SA-MP version released

Posted by Chong McBong.
now there are 2 versions, for SA-MP or single player. see details above for info

 Mar 08 2011

Updated to 2.1 at last!

Posted by Chong McBong.
(version 2.0 - 4446 skin pack downloads 6303 capri downloads) lots of stuff updated - more skins, see description for info... download now, and don't forget to rate it!

 Apr 25 2010

Handling and data info

Posted by Chong McBong.
just a note to say that, in order to work properly, ALL relevant data in the readme needs to be copied to the relevant files : handling.cfg, vehicles.ide, carcols.dat and carmods.dat. If you miss copying the data, it will not work as intended.

 Dec 04 2009

BETA released...

Posted by Chong McBong.
version 2.0 BETA is out. 7 skins completed so far (4 included with mod). Only a few more skins to finish before the first skin pack gets released :)

 Nov 15 2009


Posted by Chong McBong.
i am currently completely remaking this mod. This Zakspeed Capri Mk3 was my first ever mod, and had so many mistakes, so i decided to rebuild it, bodywork is about 50% done now (all new) watch this space for updates in the next few days...

 Sep 30 2008


Posted by Chong McBong.
i just updated the handling. it was far too powerful so i have tamed it.. its much more drivable, please re-download if you already got this.

This was my first mod:)

 Jan 19 2007


Posted by Chong McBong.
there was a block in your toilet, but i has fixed it...

 Jan 14 2007


Posted by Chong McBong.
some work done on reflections etc, chassis inner & outer separated nasty reflections around bonnet fixed. more to do, should be updated again in a day or 2

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