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 Jul 08 2007


Posted by Natra.
Rebalanced the Sniper Rifle. In stead of 30 rounds you can only fire 10 rounds so you can't use it as a machine gun. I doubled the price of bullets so you can't abuse the Sniper Rifle.

Increased the range of the M4 to note more difference between an AK and M4.

Fixed Hard Mode.

 Jul 01 2007


Posted by Natra.
* Pistol power tweaked again, especially for European Extreme.

 Sep 06 2006

Updates & Fixes 16 Sept 2006

Posted by Natra.
* The discription became a little lenghty so I used Bold and Italics to make it more clear.
* Pistol was too overpowered so I decreased the power.
* Hard Mode, fixed a Tec9 mistake I made.

European Extreme, made a file to fix the problem in the mission Reuniting the Fams.

Lowered the power of the Shotgun (It was stronger than the Desert Eagle), adjusted ammo clip of the AK to 50. Weaponskill levels are more useful now too.
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