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Hardcore San Andreas
Guns fights will be harder
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Author: Natra No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: V1.4
Status: Complete
Started on: 04 Sep 2006
Last Updated: 08 Jul 2007
Views: 28159
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.375 (8 votes)
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 Click Here for a video demonstration of a harder San Andreas! 
 Click Here for a video walkthrough of European Extreme difficulty!

Since there's a lot of text, use CTRL+F (FIND) to look for it.

Here's the list of important info. Just copy and past it in the Search and hit the Find Next button.
Reporting bugs/problems
Short Mission Guide

If you found a bug/problem, please PM me!
Please include the mod name in the title. I will try my best to find a sollution.

I have tested this mod at gangwars only and the few missions. I didn't expect Sweet to die from 2 kicks in the last mission. Please let me know about things that make it too easy or impossible. I'll try to adjust it. I have tried my best to balance the weapons but there may be some things that are still bad.

This mod will make gunfights harder. Now if you are against 4 enemies with AKs you will have hard time surviving if you simply blast them in a a fair fight. Now you have to make good use of surroundings, take cover, roll, use the right weapon in the right situation and be on guard each moment.

- Enemies attack power and defense have increased.
Cops are even stonger and have a heavy defense so you better think before you commit crime.

- Cars will catch fire faster.

- Health will barely increase.

- Weapon and armor prices increased, so you better not blast too much.

Weapons have changed, some weapons are better than the other in certain situations and vice versa. For example the Combat Shotgun is not good for long range combat but on close range the Combat Shotgun is excellent. The M4 is great for long range combat but for close range there are better weapons. The Desert Eagle is slow but will knock enemies away. This adds more strategy to combat.

Silent Pistol:
Power decreased.

Desert Eagle:
Range slightly decreased, still good to cap close enemies.

Combat Shotgun:
Range decreased, no reload. This weapon will be good to blow away enemies near you, but enemies far away will be able to pick you off.

Micro Uzi, Tec9, MP5:
Decreased range

AK47, M4: 
Decreased power.

Power drastically decreased.

Molotov Cocktail:
Power decreased, this is just way too cheap.


Hard Mode:
You will take about 3x damage and enemies have about 2x more defense.

Extreme Mode:
You are dead in 4 hits with 150 armor and health.

European Extreme:
Anything can kill you in 2 hits. cops have bullet proof armor, you can only headshot them.

Missions that seem impossible but are not:

Cleaning the Hood:
Before the mission get bodyarmor from the Police HQ, then override some balles to get some ammo. 20 Pistol ammo is enough. Now you know how to kill them. I didn't try this out but maybe if you have enough respect you can have a homie or 2 to help out.

Pay & Spray to restore your car. Have a high speed and override some balles and lure a few out. Keep on distance so your homies can shoot but you don't get hit.

Wrong Side of the Tracks:
The get on ramp and jump on the train doesn't work too well now. The best thing is to learn on top of your head when the train speeds up or slow down.

Robbing Uncle Sam:
Headshot the first few guards, then use the forklift to override guards.
The driving part is easy once you know the trick. Speed up and never step off the gas until you can take the first road to the right. Make sure to mark it on the map. Yes it's longer but those army people didn't bug me once. Of course release the gas button when you take the turn otherwise you will roll. It's all about speed here.

Reuniting the Families:
The driving part seems hard but I gave the AK 50 ammo clip which should help. Max AK skill is a great help. The best advise is to learn on to pof your head where the enemy appears. Remember their cars catch fire faster too. You could use the inf armor cheat to get to the part fast and practice it.

Tanker Commander:
When you connected the tanker, get out. Aim and wait till the enemy drives away, now burn the car. Now you can drive in peace.

Mountain Cloud Boys
This is a short mission but can be nasty. From the shooting part, kill the first 2 enemies, then shoot the car and finish off the other 2. Then 2 bikers come in with 2 on the back. Shoot the bikes and finish the rest off.

Now you have a sniper to deal with. The best way to get rid of him is when you have at least 3 rockets left on your rocket launcher. Peek around the corner, fire 3 shots and get back.

Then take cover behind the trash can. Now the driving part, drive only forward and far enough that you only have to deal with 1 car at once, otherwise you're toast.

Da Nang Thang
On the boat, stealth kill the first guy. Don't take any risk trying to stealth kill the rest, you're dead if you fail. Quickly headshot the rest and get their ammo.

The best thing is to remember where exactly the guards are. Usually if you peek around a guard will approach you, get back and surprise him with a headshot. Advance forwards with caution.

 European Extreme Note: I noticed the Cop that jumps (Reuniting the families) on the car can't be headshot. For that mission change the defense in Pedstats (I value) to 0.1 I noticed the driving part is very hard, I couldn't get through it yet. Some parts take long to get to so you could cheat inf armor to get quickly there and practice that part. But only to practice a certain part. In the end you must finish the mission without cheating.

Another sollution for those that didn't understand what's written above. Download V1.3.2 of European Extreme and read the read me.

Extract the files, then copy and Paste them to the Data folder of your SA folder and replace it.

Thank you for installing, have a nice death:)
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GirlyGirl commented over 9 years ago:
 QUOTE (Jablonsky @ 05:18, 04 Oct 2008, 5:18am)
When the download finishes it just opens a whole lot of jargon on a notepad instead of a folder.

What am I doing wrong?
You need WINrar the .rar files are opened by that. Like WINzip.:beerhat:
Jablonsky commented over 9 years ago:
When the download finishes it just opens a whole lot of jargon on a notepad instead of a folder.

What am I doing wrong?
Natra commented over 11 years ago:
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Rebalanced the Sniper Rifle. In stead of 30 rounds you can only fire 10 rounds so you can't use it as a machine gun. I doubled the price of bullets so you can't abuse the Sniper Rifle.

Increased the range of the M4 to note more difference between an AK and M4.

Fixed Hard Mode.

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