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 Jul 13 2005

Real-Speed v1.2 final edition

Posted by Zeph.
The last planned version of RS mod has been released!

File awaiting approval here, until it's up you can get it here:

 Jul 04 2005

v1.1 final

Posted by Zeph.
version 1.1 final is now released.

File coming soon, awaiting approval.:)

For now please see this release thread:

 Jul 04 2005

Real-Speed mod v1.0 final

Posted by Zeph.
The v1.0 final version has been released!

Until the download is approved here at gtagarage you can download it from:

There has been a complete re-write in this version, fixing both the slow speeds handling problem and reducing excessive bike wheelies on acceleration.

 Jul 03 2005

!st non beta version coming soon

Posted by Zeph.
After reports of poor car handling at low speeds I went over the settings again and noticed I'd made a mistake and overlooked a important setting. I have since been through all vehicles and fixed this problem resulting in the handling of all vehicles improving dramaticaly over the previous beta version. The bikes have also been balanced alot more to stop them from wheelying so much on takeoff.

I'm just doing some final testing and hope to have the new version released in the next day or so.
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