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 Mar 31 2007


Posted by J3LM3R.
For everyone that wants to help me with this mod:
The IPL files are for download here
If you're curious how the mod looks like... you can download it here and have a look at it with MEd (Med Download)
You can also post comments on the download site (guestbook)

 Jul 05 2006


Posted by J3LM3R.
I'm worried about a release of the island. because my graphics card can't cope with the island it's hard for me to finish it and to make it work. there are bugs causing troubles like crashing the game when you get near the island, or the entire map starts flashing when your near the island.

These bugs are things I can't fix myself, maybe someone else can.
When I've finished the mod as I think it should be - I'll make a topic at GTAforums > maps(editing discussion) asking modders to help me out. I hope that there are modders that can help me finish the mod.

don't expect the mod to work within a few weeks it cold take much, much longer.

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