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 Mar 12 2012

v2.3 - Coming later this year

Posted by JF-Mir2.
Sorry for the delay guys, I promised that it will be released earlier this year, but I was just so busy, so now, I'm proud to say that v2.3 is in good progress. Stay tuned for more news. Cheers, JF-Mir2

 Jun 24 2011

UltimateSG 100th Day Anniversary

Posted by JF-Mir2.
Hey! It's the 100th Day anniversary of Ultimate SG! For us to celebrate, I will now upload the STABLE version of Ultimate SG, v2.2! :D

 Jun 08 2011


Posted by JF-Mir2.
Finally had some time to fix the bugs! :D I'll upload as long as I'm contented with it... :D

 Mar 18 2011

v1.0 and 2.0 REMOVED

Posted by JF-Mir2.
They were removed due to alot of bugs and unstability.. that is all.. :)
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