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Posted on 24 Dec 2008, 5:10pm

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This mod basically doubles the damage taken / recived in car crashes, explosions etc. Usually one high speed collision with a wall can make your car catch fire.

This mod is already included in hazeyo's handling overhaul which im helping him with - but i though id realease this seperataly for people who dont want the handling changed but want the modified damage! You can read about hazeyo's handling overhaul here -

Before you can use this mod you must make GTAIV modable

- i highly recomend that you download hazeyo's handling overhaul because it works very well with this mod (and if you do download it you get this mod included anyway) and it makes the game more fun and realistic but thats your decision. If you want to know more about hazeyo's handling overhaul just use the link above... biggrin.gif

Here's a video (also using hazeyo's handling mod)

- you have permission to use the damage lines or modify them in
any modification for GTAIV as long as i get credit for the original work/testing
- and im not responsilble if your computer and/or GTAIV break!

Posted on 06 Jan 2009, 8:22pm

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This mod is great! It has an added side effect of making the game more realistic, because in real life, cars are much more fragile than in games. :D

Posted on 20 Mar 2009, 7:31am

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I think its quite unrealistic for the cars to blow up easy, in every car accident i have seen i have never heard of the car blowing up

Posted on 28 May 2009, 1:37am

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For some reason when I try this mod(or even without this mod), when I crash into a wall, for some reason the damage is invisible.I can see the hood falling off, ect, but not the body damage.whoever helps me gets a cookie :cookie:

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