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Posted on 29 Jun 2005, 11:07am

Joined: 24 Nov 2004
Group: Modders

this mod changes which vehicles appear in traffic regularly when you use the "EVERYONEISRICH" and "EVERYONEISPOOR" keyboard cheats to the vehicles most commonly used for stunting (plus a few obscure vehicles).

to install:
backup the cargrp.dat file in the Rockstar GamesGTA San Andreasdata folder then replace the original file with this one. use at your own risk. i accept no reponsibility for any problems that may occur.

vehicle list for EVERYONEISRICH:
nrg500, packer, infernus, cheetah, banshee, turismo, bullet, squalo, freeway, sanchez, cabbie.

vehicle list for EVERYONEISPOOR:
bandito, bfinject, patriot, sandking, duneride, dumper, bmx, faggio, pizzaboy, fcr900, taxi.

NOTE: i have purposely left out vehicles that have spawn codes, because the fewer vehicles there are in the lists the more frequently those vehicles will appear. police/emergency vehicles will still appear as often as they normally would.

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