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Posted on 28 Mar 2006, 11:58am

Joined: 27 Mar 2006
Group: Modders

This saved game is 100% completed Missions, weapon spawns and all houses. The only thing that is different is that The gangs are still at 35% and girldfriends are at 10%, 10%, and 40%. Thus you can complete it to your liking. Heres a list of whats complete and whats incomplete.

- All Missions
- All Tags
- All Horseshoes
- All Oysters
- All Clothes
- All Safe Houses
- All Vehicles
- Weapon Spawns at CJ's
- Tank and Jet near CJ's

- All 3 Girlfriends
- Gang does not own City

I used GTA SA CC to edit, add cars, and get rid of most of the cheat codes. There is only two known bugs, Unlimited Ammo which reloads but adds to your current ammo, and every vehicl and voice of CJ you cannot hear its very very soft. If you have a fix to the unlimeted Reloading ammo, or the sound fix please send me a e-mail at [email protected], Thanks Xianith.

Posted on 14 Mar 2007, 10:05pm

Joined: 03 Jan 2006
Group: Members

Need some help please, when I start my game with tis game save, it loads and then the screen goes black and an error message saying 'gtasa.exe has stopped working' What have I done wrong?

Posted on 19 Jun 2007, 5:24pm

Joined: 06 Jun 2007
Group: Members

you have the wrong version of the game.

the sud
Posted on 09 Dec 2007, 5:26am

Joined: 09 Dec 2007
Group: Members

i downloaded the GTA SA CC and i tried to use it but it wouldn't sync to my game?

Posted on 26 Nov 2011, 7:32pm

Joined: 19 Nov 2011
Group: Modders

is there a virus on it? :dozing:

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