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Where are the Petrol Stations?

Posted on 04 May 2008, 6:15pm

Joined: 25 Oct 2007
Group: Members

I just downloaded this mod yesterday, and I like the petrol mod. Question is, where are the Gas Stations? I think it would be better if they were marked on the map.:)

Posted on 30 Jun 2010, 11:55am

Joined: 26 Dec 2009
Group: Members

Well first get in your car.Then open the pause menu select map and there will be marks like a car.But if you resume the game and exit the car and open the map again the car marks wont be there SORRY FOR MY VERY VERY BAD ENGLISH :) AM BULGARIAN

Posted on 06 Jul 2010, 2:28pm

Joined: 01 Jun 2010
Group: Members

It's good, but after completing "los sepulcros", no more mission show up.

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