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Car Shop Mod
.net script
Information Files
Author: endosan
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.5
Status: Complete
Started on: 18 Oct 2009
Last Updated: 28 Oct 2010
Views: 62970
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (8 votes)
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Car Shop Mod ver1.5
by endosan

GTA4 1.0.7/EFLC 1.1.2
asi loader
Aru's C++ Script Hook
HazardX's .net scripthook

place the files into .net scripthook's scripts folder
Grand Theft Auto IV\scripts\
Grand Theft Auto IV\scripts\CarShop.ini

[8]menu up
[2]menu down
[4]previous page
[6]next page
[5]change color (car load when CARNOLOAD=true)

How to buy a car
1.go to car shop(you can see on map where car shop is)
2.stand by shopper changes and menu appears a car(numpad 2468).press numpad 9 to purchase
5.if you bought a car, then car is spawned near shop(blip on map)

*shop door open 9:00AM - 10:00PM

Brucie's Executive Lifestyle Autos - Broker west
Grotti - Algonquin middle park east*
Auto Eroticar - Alderney middle west*
Westdyke Autos - Alderney north*
Big Paulie Badget Cars - Alderney middle south
Cop Car Dealer - Algonquin northeast LCPD 3rd floor roof
Boat Shop - Algonquin south
Heli Shop - Algonquin north
Bohan Car Shop - Bohan south(This shop location can be customized :))

Version History
- add Brucie's shop
- add Heli shop
- add Customizable shop
- fix transparency probrem
- fix next/prev key probrem
- and minor tweaks
nrv74 commented over a year ago:
yeah dude, awesome, really, but make it work with the xbox 360 controller and you' re the king!!
ArksTheArks commented over a year ago:
PLEASE PLEASE add a controls version for millions of people with laptops, or can somebody tell me how to change the numpad keys to something else that i have on my laptop?? I really love this mod , i have trafficfelony and firstperson and everything to make GTA4 as realistic as i can, and this, but i can't use it, i lack numpads, i would be so happy if you'd think about us, the laptop community! Thanks
ItsUrMum commented over 2 years ago:
hi:) i would really like this mod but i have a question. this mod works for patch, but it requires an asi loader, but i cant find an asi loader that works for
WolvenWolf commented over 3 years ago:
Dude, I have to say this: I love you man! :wtf: :wtf: EFLC support, new shops, a custom shop!! Wow I guess this is the best mod I have in IV, and now it's even better?!?! Can't wait for the release, although this could take days... Eitherway my pc is broken, so I can't play for a few days... I have 2 questions: this .net is for the last scripthookdotnet version or same version as the previous release? And, did you add the "save bought vehicle" feature, or thats still a dream? :sigh: Cheers, I'll be n1 beta tester
WolvenWolf commented over 3 years ago:
Hey man, this is an awesome mod. I've tried it in EFLC, TBoGT and it doesn't work well, when I buy a car there is a problem with the blip dissapearing. Anyway, I was wondering if you will release a new version maybe EFLC compatible... And I also suggest an helicopter dealer by an heliport... EDIT: I noticed the mod was giving problem because of the last dotnetscripthook.asi version. My bad! I tried again with version 1.6.1 and it works just fine! And I was able to buy the Police Bike (the one for Multiplayer only), the brickade and even the skylift!! This mod is the best! :inlove:
Duckface commented over 3 years ago:
THIS is the most awesome mod i have ever known. all the time i have been playing the GTA saga ive wanted the ability to be able to try and live a "normal" life in the games and buy cars legaly for the money i earn. Espaecially in this game since you when its finnished have a lot of money but nothing to use them on. So when i found this mod i jumped and danced of happyness. I installed it but i didnt work and that made me SO sad. i then figured out it was because it didnt support the patch, i think. Its the only option for me. So if its true then would you please, PLEASE make it support the new patch? Ill be forever thankfull.
monster875 commented over 3 years ago:
i was trying to make this mod the ability to buy TLaD and TBoGT vehicles but my game crashed when i was looking on a EFLC vehicle. plzz make this mod with EFLC vehicles plzz plzz i beg u
wrecker99 commented over 3 years ago:
wow, it worcks for EFLC lol,
CyberOps commented over 3 years ago:
could you make it compatible with EFLC ? and perhaps add the option to test drive a car just like in real life you test drive a car before you buy it ?
xLiLxSm0K3x commented over 4 years ago:
When will the .net scripthook be ready for you able to ask that homie who made it? Thanks
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