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GTA IV Counter Stirke Weapon Mod
Don't waste bullet on blind fire anymore
Information Files
Author: johnleecrazy
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: V1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 08 Oct 2009
Last Updated: 13 Nov 2009
Views: 9914
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4 (6 votes)
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Ok Readme first , thx

This small mod make your GTA IV experience a bit more realistic =)

Here are some changes of this mod :

-Now you can't carry that many weapons

-1 Pistol , 1 Shotgun , 1 Rifle/SMG (The shotgun will be no effect if I let it group as SMG)(I will update it soon to fix the problem)(Anyone help? )

-No more shots is that accurate (Normally the flight paths is always on the point of the crosshair)

-That means decreased accuracy ( Sorry for my bad english - -" )

-Ammo clip is same as CS (except RPG)<You ask why ? (less ammo)

-Fun of firing weapons from cars (It could be fire a RPG !< No, You can't, sorry )
(Also sniper rifle)< May be ...

-Punches , kicks are not changed (Is that needed? )

-Warning : this mod may cause NPCs fire accuracy extremely decrease(Any fix? )

-Using this mod may cause your game get extremely difficult

-Damage increased (You can kill a civilian with 1 M40A1 shot)(2 shot with ak47)(10 shot of M40A1 can destory a helicopter) (yeah!)

Installation: (You know the drill? )

Copy and place the weaponinfo.xml in to your GTAIV\common\data

back up ! Remember! Enjoy if you can enjoy...

tell me if you have any ideas!

-One more thing : 3 Grenades Ammo clip 5 molotovs ammo cilp

-May be later I will change the model as well.

bugs , crashes plz report...


Mod by John Lee CrazX (From Hong Kong) =)
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johnleecrazy commented over 8 years ago:
yes I agree , anyway to improve cops strength?
HippieCommunist commented over 8 years ago:
was hoping some1 would make this... problem is that it makes cops harmless :die:
johnleecrazy commented over 8 years ago:
hey m4a1 is assault rifle , m40a1 is a sniper rifle If you don't know about guns don't talk sh*t to me What an ID*OT
masterkiller commented over 8 years ago:
sorry but is m4a1 not m40a1
johnleecrazy commented over 8 years ago:
er... I will edit it later that correct the (10shot heli) error ... but sorry I just get my computer formated :sui: I will reinstall GTA4 real soon to correct the problem because I love to play GTA4 :lol:
oc student commented over 8 years ago:
10 shots will down a heli? You should make it so that helis and othe rvechicles don't get affected by bullets. Otherwise good job.
RiZzO31i commented over 8 years ago:
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Version 1 !
Yo try this I done with someone requested Heilcopter are nearly invincible

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