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Ragdoll Style Animations
Information Files
Author: magicsl33
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 26 Jul 2009
Last Updated: 30 Jul 2009
Views: 229574
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.60001 (70 votes)
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Now you can die in style xD lol
new falling, car rollout, death, etc anims

here is fall, flor hit, car roll, and fight animations
version 1

version 2
version 3
commented 9 months ago:
does this make the game lag
rimvosius commented 11 months ago:
Epic mod! I heard someone sayd make vice city ragdoll im not sure it will work vice city human body is made out of chunks so if ragdoll would be added it would be a big bug :monocle:
Grandtheftautoninja97 commented over a year ago:
I really like this mod :bbq: :cookie: :cookie: :r*:
UnknownUsername commented over a year ago:
why do you put GTA IV cars in SA it llooks UGLYY :/[color=Blue]
naci_gs commented over a year ago:
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
farisguetta commented over a year ago:
I hope you can make ragdoll mode in gta vice city :D
Patcher commented over a year ago:
Umm, dude I really like animation mods (lots from linevariy's anims ) :) anyway, it's buggy, and it sucks... I like skript47's ragdoll anim remake better. I mean, that mod of yours is SOO buggy... I... I dont know what to say, sorry dude
FiFiax commented over 2 years ago:
Dead peds float, and me when i fall too :/
uncagedwolf10 commented over 2 years ago:
have a cookie good sir. :cookie:
rokuchan commented over 2 years ago:
lol. Ya, and the thousands of other people that downloaded cleo got a virus :sui:
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