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Vice City HD Effects
Information Files
Author: Nobeus
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 0.9
Status: Complete
Started on: 19 Jun 2009
Last Updated: 08 Aug 2010
Views: 250859
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4 (53 votes)
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This is third of my HD particles mod: Now for Vice city.
You yet did not see a Vice city such beautiful!
It will replace low definition standard particle textures with clear HD.
Replaced: Smoke, fire, water, blood, clouds, gunflashes, flying leaflets, traces from tyres, and almost all standard textures.
For install, just copy particle.txd in models folder with replacing of existing file.
As a bonus in archive it is included known graphical mod ENB series, version for Vice City with my presets.
P.S. Cars from screenshots are not included into archive :)
P.S.S. Previous version of my mod for San Andreas and GTA 3 can be found on:
Attention! New version - 2.0
I have been drawn again almost all the standard texture effects using vectors. Therefore, most effects are consistent to the original, but in high resolution. Also I corrected the errors of previous versions, such as incorrect textures of headlights.
AstroSnail commented 2 months ago:
Just a couple questions: Where do I install the .ini files for the ENB series mod, and what is it supposed to do? If I pile all of the files in the GTA: VC root directory (even when I copy them to the /data folder), it just crashes as soon as the intros end. If I just put the .ini files in the /data folder (leaving the .dll files in the root directory), text saying the mod loaded appears, but nothing else happens. What am I doing wrong? :wtf:
GuyFawk commented 11 months ago:
Just me or the zip file isnt working :furious:
syafiq(pleseteachme) commented over a year ago:
hoho nice mod man i love you man i love you a lot haha this mod is awesome <img src=p" />
NaturalBeing commented over a year ago:
Excellent work. You think you could fix the bubbles? They are square. Link.
unusednick commented over a year ago:
I mean where to put this mod ? :(
unusednick commented over a year ago:
Man, can any one please explain that how to install these mods in gta vice city ? :( Somebuddy help me :(
Blackheart69 commented over a year ago:
Nice mod dude... the water FX kicks some serious ass.Nice Job. But the alpha/mask channel of following textures in your particle.txd are broken, kindly fix them:-reflection01, spark, cloudhilt, waterreflection2, shad_exp, coronaringa, coronamoon. :monocle: ;) Cheers. :D
Bramasta commented over 2 years ago:
this mod rocks! but hey, where did you get the cars? gimme the link too! :D
Rocket01234 commented over 2 years ago:
i Mean Not
Rocket01234 commented over 2 years ago:
Now Working For Me Can you plz Give me any reasons Why?? Always Wanted A graphic MOD :( :sui: :sui: :beerhat: :r*: :r*:
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