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God Mode
Everything Proof!
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Author: matanyehoshua1 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 3.8
Status: Complete
Started on: 10 Jun 2009
Last Updated: 08 Jan 2015
Views: 236286
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.2727 (33 votes)
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Put the Godmode.cs file in your CLEO folder.
Put the Godmode.fxt file in your CLEO_Text folder.

On foot:
Press TAB+G to turn Player God-Mode On.
Press TAB+H to turn Player God-Mode Off.

In a Vehicle:
Press TAB+G to turn it on.
Press TAB+H to turn it off.

* To exit the vehicle after the vehicle godmode is on you need to turn it off otherwise you cannot go out.

Recent Changes: Latest v2.2 fix updates: * FIXED an issue when godmode dosen't work sometimes. * Each time you exit your car now itll be destructible again to reanable cargodmode renter the car. V2.3 FIX: * PLAYER GOD MODE will Now Proporly Function * Added Text To Display Godmode Status V3.0 FIX: * all godmode bugs has been fixed (the godmode will always work now) *Player godmode won't interact with car godmode (because they used the same keys) *new highlighted text *car godmode now lock the doors. to unlock cancell the cargodmode also when the doors are locked you cannot exit your vehicle now *once activating the cargodmode peds won't try to get you out of your car V3.5 FIX: * Compressed the two mod .cs files into 1. * New text box displaying. * On color is now Green and not Blue. * You can now exit the vehicle when turn the godmode on, but it will disable its godmode features. V3.6 FIX: * Fixed a game crash when turning the vehicle godmode off before turning it on. V3.7 FIX: * Script Rebuild making the mode respond extreamly fast. * You must Disable the godmode of the vehicle in order to get out of it. * Vehicle Godmode bugs has been FIXED. V3.8 FIX: * Swim Drowning Bug fixed both on foot and in a vehicle (thanks for reporting it). BONUS: when you activate the cargodmode you won't fall from your bike. by matanyehoshua1
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matanyehoshua1 commented 2 months ago:
Thanks for the comments everyone! I love you all, if you find a bug please report!
zsmoke commented 3 months ago:
Hey, I know how to be completely all-proof. You download the savegame editor, you load a desired savegame, on the health & armor sections, you just klick on 'Infinity', then you save the savegame, load the game and boom. There you go. It's impossible to die <img src=p" />
CarlmmyJohncetti commented 6 months ago:
Wonderful little mod, does what it says. I personally haven't experienced any game crashing bugs with this that I am aware of. The only thing I notice is that in the version I've used, even with Player God Mode set to On, you eventually CAN be killed by law enforcement. It seems like the helicopter's guns in particular really wear down your health after awhile until your armor actually depletes and you're effectively "mortal" again, allowing you to be killed. Not sure why that happens but it does take a long time before it happens anyways so it's not that big of a deal. You can just Tab+G again to get more health. Nice job.
C0ton commented 8 months ago:
Just a tip : Don't use on a special vehicle like a full imune car because the special abillity of the car will be removed so be careful
G_QAB commented 9 months ago:
thanks a lot matanyehoshua1, helped me best with the street races, i'd start a race, switch car GOD MODE on, then use Blow Up All Cars cleo script and yay i'm leading the race, then i'd simply go through all checkpoints without any pressure and win the race. It was more than what i was looking for, great job
matanyehoshua1 commented over a year ago:
 QUOTE (PsyKoUnicornRider420 @ 06:47, 06 Mar 2013)
God mode is only working in car , if im on foot i always need to press tab+g to have health
I'm very sorry for the long time it took me to reply. I tested the mod, and fixed the Drown bug, but when I tried to fall from a bike (any and the police bike) I couldn't fall when the mod was on, and I also tested starting vigilante mission and there was no crash.
PsyKoUnicornRider420 commented over 2 years ago:
God mode is only working in car , if im on foot i always need to press tab+g to have health
K1200LT commented over 2 years ago:
There are still some bugs with the mod. - Still dying by drown. - Still falling from bikes (at least the police bike) - And, when I enter a mission like "Vigilante", the game crashes. If I find any other bug, I'll report. Thanks. Obs.: Sorry if I wrote something wrong, is that I'm not american.
Destructionblz1 commented over 2 years ago:
oh wrong page, ignore my last msg =S
Destructionblz1 commented over 2 years ago:
is there any way we get only the sword moves?
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V3.8 is out!
Sorry for the very long time I haven't been here but I listened to your feedback and fixed the Drowning Bug.

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