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Cold Fusion's Creations...
"Stupid" replacements for VC's weapons...
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Author: cold fusion 33
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: V 1.00
Status: Complete
Started on: 09 Jun 2009
Last Updated: 09 Jun 2009
Views: 9780
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3 (2 votes)
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Basically, I got bored the other night after I couldn't get my SA disc to work, so I decided to go and pay the good old Vice City that was lying dormant on my hard drive a visit. Then, I got REALLY bored and tried my hand at replacing some of the weapons, and, basically, here I am now, with a few small replacements to VC's weapons. None of these are intended to be serious and I never really intended to release them, but I thought I might as well try to brighten up someone's VC in a way!

Weapons changed are:
Pistol - Changed to a toilet roll
Grenades - Changed to pies
The Katana - Changed to some sort of fish
The Bat - Changed to a road cone

I haven't been able to change the weapon's icons, so they'll stay the same as the original weapon's ones that they replaced.

To install, get a GTA .img editor. Open up Vice City's .img file which should be located at:
C:\program files\rockstar games\grand theft auto vice city\models\gta3.img

Then go to Edit > Find
And then type in the name of the weapon you want to add out of the pack, so if it's the bat, type in bat.dff. When you have found it go to commands > delete and it will delete the model from the .img archive. Then search again for bat.txd and delete that too. Then go to commands > Add and find the weapon you want to add to the archive, so, again, if it's bat.dff, then add that, and then do the same for the bat.txd. When you have added these go to commands > Rebuild Archive and leave it to it, because it may take a while... Now, with that all done, you can close the Img tool and run Vice City and see the marvellous creations of mine!

Bugs: The road cone seems to have a problem of going through Tommy's head while running, but I don't find it that much of a problem really.

I hope you enjoy using these weapons, and if you do like then, then I am probably going to be releasing more at some point, although I have no idea what the models will be!

Have fun,

Cold Fusion 33
10zachs1 commented over 5 years ago:
This is truly hilarious.
rwils79 commented over 8 years ago:
I reckon there awesome! Good job cold fusion 33!
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