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City of the Dead
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Author: chamber No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 09.06.06
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 02 Jun 2009
Last Updated: 06 Jun 2009
Views: 31153
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.15 (20 votes)
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This is the world of the living dead. And you may be the last man on earth. Gather supplies, search for survivors, and battle the armies of the undead in a near-deserted Liberty City. Can you take this terrifying adventure into unspeakable horror?
Mud._.K1pz3 commented over 5 years ago:
lol same as Left 4 Liberty imma pass :die:
gtazocker95 commented over 7 years ago:
Can you make it for .net Scripthook, because Alice only works with Patch ?
puntux commented over 7 years ago:
Same problem here, i have the latest GTA IV version but Alice isn't compatible with it, i need somebody to make Alice work with this version D: .
CarissimiRBeast commented over 7 years ago:
Cool mod!! How do you make more zombies spawn? Its a bit boring with so little zombies
gabesz901224 commented over 7 years ago:
very good mod! suddenly i can't save my progress xD I find a bug, one of the survivars is in a closed weapon shop, i can't save him, and if i leave him alone, and go back to the safe house, the game has a fatal error, and the program is quit. I like this mod!
Ozzy_FIN commented over 7 years ago:
Does this work on v.
rwmaint commented over 7 years ago:
click on the Zombie mod for gta to see the video, but at the beginning there are wrecked cars and stuff in the first 20 seconds of the video that I think would look really great scattered all over the city's in your Necropolis Mod. You should ask the guy how he did it so you can put it in your mod :D
rwmaint commented over 7 years ago:
Hey Chamber, I was on gta forums the other day and I was reading someones comments about adding burnt cars and stuff I think you should check this out Zombie Mod for gta
Alexones1 commented over 7 years ago:
Hi i've putted al the files in the alice folder but nothing happens there might be another mod that don't let the mod to work? :( :/
monster875 commented over 8 years ago:
u need to make it yourself
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