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Smart Emmet's
Emmet's place now spawn a real guns!
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Author: Orto_Dogge
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 10 Apr 2009
Last Updated: 12 Apr 2009
Views: 16817
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.6 (5 votes)
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After you stole all that guns with Ryder you have no award, but the money! That's not enough, I guess!
Now, after every completing Ryder's mission, Emmet's place will spawn a one more gun. There are tec9, smg and AK47 near the useless colt45, which you never grabed before.)
These is a real reason to visit Emmet lil' more often!
But warning, you'll can't delete this gun spawners after you'll save your game.
There are three cleo-files in archive, one for every weapon. Of course you can install only one of them or two.
I hope you like it.
RobertDknini1702 commented over 3 years ago:
Very nice! Thanks :)
mixerwap93 commented over 5 years ago:
actually, Ryder said that :D
GeekOfEvil commented over 5 years ago:
Nice one - finally a useful consequence of Ryders Missions... Anyway, I'm quite happy that there isn't a Rocket Launcher or Minigun - would be unrealistic. "Emmet's not the Pentagon" - Big Smoke.
Orto_Dogge commented over 8 years ago:
There is a bug in my mod. New weapon pickup creats every time you load your game.( And when you gonna take one AK clip, you take... More then one.)) I can fix it, if anybody need it.
YungLegend commented over 8 years ago:
dude it like when you start a new game you barley get any gunz so this mod just helps you out, it not soposed to be a god-mod thing lol, anyways good mod ima dl it. :rah: :rah: :rah:
Orto_Dogge commented over 9 years ago:
Man, I try to do it for upgrading storyline, not just for fun.) Ryder gave you only three missions with gun-stealing, that's the reason why I add only three more guns.) And all that guns you can see in the ghetto wars, that's second reason.)
Kabrio commented over 9 years ago:
4 weapons?You may add more, then it can be better :r*:
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